George IV - Pictures

People like pictures. And while I do link to two pictures from the main page of George IV, I thought that a separate section for them might still be useful, if only to help you find them faster.

Below you will see four pictures, the first two of which show the trades before the system release, and the other two show trades called by the system a few weeks after the system release.

1: 18.0 pts, nice...

2: 18.0 pts, again

3: 8.0 pts, not bad either...

4: 18.0 pts, a more recent one

Using John Schwab's strategy you would have made 10 pts on the third trade (instead of 8 pts) or 15 pts had you used a modified version of John's approach that targets 15 pts.

A good sample of more recent pictures showcasing George IV's trades can be found here.