KING - I can do it too!

This section features some of my trading days with extensive e-mini results that have been accomplished using KING's trading ideas over the last 5 years or so.

I trade both ES, the S&P 500 e-mini futures contract, and YM, the Dow Jones e-mini contract, the latter e-mini futures market quite a bit more than often the former in recent years, so in 2011 and 2012 you will see pretty much only the trading results in that emini market.

In many cases, you will see here the results from 5-6 consecutive trading days, which means a full trading week or longer, and in twelve cases even the results from two consecutive full weeks or beyond, with all days being positive.

These results are pretty representative of my own trading. And even though, not everyone may be able to be that good (remember that's discretionary trading that we are talking about here and I want to be honest with you), some will and some already are.

As mentioned, the results span several years already. The links to the individual years are right below and you can also reach them from the side menu.

E-mini trading results with KING in 2015

E-mini trading results with KING in 2014

E-mini trading results with KING in 2013

E-mini trading results with KING in 2012

E-mini trading results with KING in 2011

E-mini trading results with KING in 2010

E-mini trading results with KING in 2009

E-mini trading results with KING in 2008

Most days show results of $200-300 for the main purpose is to demonstrate how you can make that much trading basically with a few e-mini futures contracts only. But it is possible to do better, even with that many contracts per trade on average, so you will also find here results that belong to the $500-1000 bracket. And even a few that are above $1000. They are accompanied by commentaries reflecting on trading or on some other things that preoccupied me and the world on those days, not always on a serious note.

The sample of what you will find after you click the links above is shown right below.

Better than lawyers' hourly rate

The real change in response to Mr. Obama's recent "change"

My even prouder and nicer ES change

My I-really-hate-to-brag ES change

I apologize ...

My actual commissions may not always represent what Bracket Trader shows; the actual commissions may be even lower.