KING - My e-mini trading results in 2010 - I can do it too!

This section features the third year of my KING day trading results, including the results of several full week long periods and 4 cases of two week long periods or even longer.

Holiday market...

I have tried to trade a bit this week, but without much luck. Yesterday, I scored less than $50 on a few trades, which I exited prematurely due to the slow moving market, the day before yesterday I had a small loss of less than $50 on a few trades, but since these are results very much atypical for KING trading (caused by the pre-holiday conditions and my very holiday spirits), I am not showing those here. I post here results pretty much typical for my trading and not some silly outliers. Today, December 22nd, I had a slightly better day, but not very much, just good enough to get over $100, but it's not like I was not gunning for some record. Not the right time of the year for records, I am afraid. Well, I somewhat doubt I will trade tomorrow, unless I change my mind. Yes, it was possible to make $100-300 each day this week, but only if you were willing to trade longer. Since I tend to trade in the afternoon, at times, even late in the afternoon, I may miss a lot of action, especially in the morning, and so on days like before major holidays known for reduced volatility, my profits are bound to be smaller, if I bother to trade at all.

Feeling under the weather

I have not been feeling particularly well since the mentoring session ended, so I have not traded until today, Friday December 17th, but considering how slow this pre-holiday market is, I am glad I have taken a break and may do so next week too. We'll see... In any case, there is only 1 copy of KING left at the special holiday price, so grab it if you still can.

Mentoring session is over now...

And I also traded more today, Friday, December 10th, and had some more time for other things too. Well, the results are as usual, so I really can't say that my trading skills have improved a lot during these five days. All the materials from this session will be available to everyone who owns KING. Just $250 for 10 Word documents full packed of information. That is, until the end of this year, then $300, which is quite a steal for anyone who can read. The next session will be via one of those videoconferencing platforms that I yet need to master, but only for 2 days, and much more expensive. Not as much as others charge, but enough to convince me to get up at 6:30 AM PST. 

Mentoring session in progress...

Well, I am busy with a mentoring session that I am running this week, too busy to post here a lot or even to trade much, so I won't be posting here in earnest until later this month, unless I decide to take an extended holiday break from trading. Now, this screenshot above that comes from the December 8th daily session is just to let you know that I am still alive.  I took these two trades to illustrate some ideas that I am trying to convey to my students or just one idea in this case: the difference between the stupid, the aggressive, and the prudent trading styles. Incidentally, the later trade is an example of the prudent entry (good for 20 ticks, if I may mention it), while going long at the time I shorted (the earlier trade) would be an example of a rather dumb decision comparatively speaking and only among the trading cognoscenti such as good KING traders. Not among trading cognoscenti yet? Well, what can I say... Okay, I know what to say: get yourself KING!  

Just another day...

I got this email from Keven, one of the more recent KING students, and even though I did not intend to trade today being busy working on the educational materials for the KING mentoring session, I decided to give it a try, encouraged by Keven's result. I am going to write more about Keven in the Testimonials section in a few weeks when I am done with this mentoring thing. Alas, I kept thinking about the mentoring session and so my mind and my heart were not much into trading today, November 19th, which is rather reflected by the result you can see above. I just was not focused enough to get more mileage out of my trades today, but I am happy for Keven. Way to go, Keven! Incidentally, that last trade could even have been a decent 30 pointer. I was expecting 10 points on it, but gave up too early. Well, if this can tell you anything, it's that KING's ideas are far from ineffective.

Late day trading...

I started trading late, so only five trades today, November 17th, but I used a bit bigger size, still less than 5 contracts per position on average, so not really that big... The KING mentoring  session is coming soon. Check out this page for more details. One more email about it will be sent out to all KING owners by this Saturday, November 20th. 


Some people love upgrading. I hate it. I am still using Sierra Chart 244, which is like 400 versions old compared to the most recent version of this software, but heck I like it, and I am not much in love with the newer versions. I am sure I could get used to them, but unless I really have to, I will probably stick to 244 for while. But sometimes they do force you to upgrade. Yesterday I had to upgrade my IB TWS, because the version I had been using until yesterday would have no longer been supported by the good people at Interactive Brokers. That also forced me to upgrade Bracket Trader, because the new version of TWS would not work with my old version of BT. Well, the good thing is that now I can show the correct commissions in BT. Apparently, if I understand it well, unlike, say, NinjaTrader, BT has this thing hard coded, so you cannot adjust it on your own. You need to upgrade the software. Well, better late than never, the commissions have changed many months ago. So now I am up-to-date in this department, but was it really worth? Just to show the new commissions? I am really not sure... And today is November 16th. It was a good trading day, pretty volatile, which is good for trading. On the last trade I could have scored even 20 points per contract, but I just wanted to get over a grand.


In future, say next year, I may be showing the results in this simplified form. I think it's good enough. Incidentally, today, November 15th, I completed posting another full week of results. That means 5 trading days in a row, all profitable.

6 and 170

Only 6 trades on November 12th. It's a Friday, and I was too busy with other things, but that's also the 170th screenshot like that showing my daily performance. Yes, I have accumulated 170 screenshots over the last 2 years, since the launch of KING. Not bad at all. That's about one third of all trading days during this period of time, but I don't trade every day and my posting here in the past was sporadic at times, especially during the first few months after the KING launch. But there are also whole weeks in a row featured here. 

The last three trades...

On November 11th, Veteran's Day. They all have one thing in common: they took less than a minute each. That's not so unusual of KING in a fast moving market.

One hour of trading...

On November 10th, hence 10 trades, of course. I show all of them as they were pretty much by the book, the book of KING. No more than 3 contracts per position used. Plain KING trading, well over $600, which amounts to a bit more then 10 bucks per minute. Are you making money at this rate?

A better day...

Yeah, actually quite good and better than last time. Today is November 9th. Well, the custom designed Sierra Chart indicators have been released and they do work, even if a small fix was required to get them to work. In future, I hope to have a version without it.  They are nice and you can see them here. Of course, they are only for those who have bought KING, which is still a very good deal even at $1200. Yeah, I have sold two copies of it already at this price, no bragging intended.

Going for the jugular

Yes, I am alive, but very busy, so I won't be posting much here this month, I am afraid. And it's really hot down here in Hollywood even though today is November 5th. The fall season can be pretty hot in LA, although the summer time was pretty mild this year, overall, despite some record temperatures at some point. This weekend I am releasing first copies of custom designed indicators for SC. They are nice, you can see them here. Well, today was another good trading day for KING ideas. What a surprise, isn't it? Notice how I skillfully reversed that loser at 15:25 and then went for the jugular. Not bad, eh? Do I get some stinking bragging rights here or what? "Yeah, Wally, we salute you..." Thank you, good people, may your business prosper too. 

The price hike

October 25th, which is today, is the day KING's price goes up over $1000, to $1200. I kept KING's price quite low for a long time to make it affordable to as many as possible, but I think $1200 is still a very good deal, and I can almost guarantee that a year from now the price of KING will be at least $1500, still a pretty good price compared to many other offers on the market. Well, I am sure those who are serious about trading will still consider KING even at $1500, perhaps even more so. I think at sub-$1000 some thought that KING was not a serious offer, so now it will be even for them, still being affordable enough to those who can afford to trade.

Yet another boring day

And that would be October 15th. Just like the other 10 so far this month. Yes, that's eleven (11) winning days in a row. Time for a break ... 

Two weeks of results

Just like that. Another two full weeks of results in one sweep. Day after day, starting on October 1st, ending on October 14th, which is today. All days in profit. The second week profits close to $2500. And today I was a real hard worker: a grueling half an hour of work. Man, I just love working hard... Well, there was room for more, I admit it, but sometimes half and hour of work is all you need to put rice on your table and still have money for some honey. I am getting poetic or something...

Another lucky 7

Just a day later, that is on October 13th. I used to take more trades last year, I guess. This year I am pretty much stuck below 10, although you will see one day with as many as 17 trades if you scroll down this page. I must have been on drugs or something that day... But I also use a little more contracts per position on average than last year. Or rather, last year I was showing mostly days when I was trading with just 1-3 contracts, with some exceptions to show what's possible when a larger size is used, this year I show also days when a larger number of contracts is used. Sometimes even as large as 10-12, although this happens very infrequently as I rarely exceed more than 6-8 per position. 

Stupid loser...

One stupid accidental loser (they happen from time to time), but overall a good day. Used a bigger size on two occasions (10 contracts). Another positive day, October 12th.


I think "constipated" is the right word for what the market was like during the first 30 minutes of my trading today, October 11th. I was so disgusted with it, but wanted to quit after 3 trades, but then things changed and I ended up taking 6 trades. There was some room for still more, but I thought that was enough for the day. Well, the moral is: don't quit too soon. Now, that's the 7th winning day in a row. Surprised? Don't be. You might be able to do it too. Yes, it takes some faith to be successful, so those of little faith are advised to remain in the safety of their trailer park or grandma's house.  

Another "lucky" 9

The day after October 7th, so we cannot "blame" it on the 7 in October 7th, and this time in its full glory with all the trades displayed. I don't do this often to save the bandwidth, but from time to time, I think it's okay. I did not plan to trade today as I wanted to test new indicators for Sierra Chart, but ended up trading just off something like that plus the indicator that gives rise to those green and yellow dots not shown in this screenshot. Now, that probably means that I am good at it. Heck, I think I am so good that I can even compete with all the marketers out there, who, needless to say, will always beat me in "the shiny stuff" department, but since this is likely to appeal mostly to people too stupid to succeed at anything, I don't think I should care.

"Lucky" 9

For those who believe in lucky numbers, here is another one to consider: 9. But since this took place on October 7th, perhaps it was 7 that was responsible for this result. Well, anyway, that's yet another full week of results, starting last Friday, the first day of October, to the tune of nearly $2000. It might be a good moment to take a break.

Not feeling too good...

so only 5 trades today, October 6th. But not a bad day overall.

7 can be lucky

But so can 8. I even think that for a good trader any number of trades can be lucky. Many of my clients are "lucky" that way. They make money no matter how many trades they take. So that's another "lucky" day in a row, October 5th. I usually don't trade past 4 PM EST, but I could not resist taking one more stab. That was too easy to pass it. Should have used a bigger size too.

Another day, same result

It's October 4th, Monday and the result is just the same as last Friday. I could have done better, but most of the time these days I aim at 300 bucks or so. And considering that I can easily live on $1500 a month even in a place as expensive as LA, I really wouldn't have to work more than a week a month, but I usually trade at least 10-15 days a month.

Another good month?

Yes, it's a totally rhetorical question, of course, as I have not had a losing month for years (5 or more), but since it's the beginning of a new month (October 1st), I thought I would ask it, just for the fun of it. Are your months that good? Or that consistent?  

Some more this September

I just released 10 more educational emini trading videos for KING, adding to the previous 5. I plan to add a few more when Version 2 of KING is released. And I am now also busy working on custom made Sierra Chart indicators that will be as cool as those for NinjaTrader. Now that explains why I have not posted here as much as in previous months, but then again, how much more do I really need to post to prove anything. KING rocks, folks, and with well over 150 screenshots showcasing my results and about 30 showcasing Katherine's there little I can do to prove anything about the power of KING ideas. I do keep trading, even if not as often as, for instance, last month, but decided not to get distracted with this site too much. Well, so yet another good day. That's really hardly any news. Certainly not compared to record temperatures in LA this early fall. But the summer was quite cool, so this may not be so surprising after all, but it kinda does not  make me too inspired to post here either. This shot above comes from September 28th.

Another classic

A half an hour of nibbling with 1-2 contracts for $200 or so. That's what I call KING's classic. A good end of another week in September, Friday 17th.

I am definitely alive ...

... and kicking, just not posting as much as last month. I am busy developing videos for KING and working on custom made KING indicators for Sierra Chart. I think I can announce it already that 10 new videos will be added to KING this month and the custom made indicators will probably be released next month at the latest. Also, in October, I would like to do some mentoring for KING owners, so if you are one of them and are interested in mentoring, please look forward to more information about it to arrive in your mailbox by the end of this month. I need at least 5 participants, as mentioned in the FAQ. So yes, the progress is being made, and I am determined to make KING an even better product. Of course, that also means a price hike will be coming sooner rather than later... No, not kidding at all. KING is the most undervalued thing on the entire Internet, but thanks to that it practically keeps selling itself, so I don't mind it that much. This result comes from September 15th, another Wednesday, just like a week ago.


Yes, that's the 150th screenshot showing my daily performance using KING ideas. That's quite a bit, isn't it? I think that's definitely more than what most of the so-called "trading educators" will produce during their lifetime careers, heck even including their previous illustrious careers, usually as used cars salesmen. I could have also called this "100 bucks in less than 10 minutes trading with just 1 contract" and did I mention that not even one of these 5 trades lasted longer than 60 seconds? Yep, quite a nice day, this Wednesday, September 8th. I am working on many things to be added to KING in the next few weeks, new videos being among them, so I am trading rather lightly this month, and so not many screenshots like that are likely to be posted here in September, but then again, how many more do you still need to be convinced that KING rules, anyway... Oh, I forgot I took one more trade, but since it's not as "artistic" as the other ones, I am not particularly gaga over it... It was a rollover day, but I forgot about it, so I rolled over the day after. Not a big deal...

Did not expect to trade today ...

but got bored with other things (or perhaps with a 2 day break from trading), so I took another shot, even two. That's the 17th screenshot this month, and the last one too as today is August 31st. Quite a few of them this month, I would say. I usually don't trade more than 15 days a month, so in future you may not see so many daily posts a month again. Last year, being focused on posting only when trading with 1-3 contracts, I was posting here even less because as much as like to trade with smaller size, I do increase my size from time to time to 6-8 contracts. This year I also show those bigger size days, although the overwhelming majority of my trades are still in the 1-3 contracts territory.

Well, what a heck ...

Sometimes, you just wake up and trade... The next to last trade could have been a 10 pointer too, I exited it prematurely by just a few seconds, literally. Well, three 10 pointers out of 6 is not that bad. And that's the 14th trading day in a row. Yeah, I am taking a break alright. Or at least, it just feels like that... 

How about those four ...

10 pointers, today? I must be getting a hang of that or something. Well, actually I am thinking more and more about a trading room and so I am sort of inspired by that to seek trades that would give me 10 points at least, but I still trade for a living first and foremost, so I don't mind 5 points at all, particularly when I feel that more is unlikely to materialize. So, yes, that's a new record too: the daily results of 13 consecutive trading days posted here. All very much positive, if I may brag a little. It's really about time to take a break especially that in this Southern California summer heat (that was so so lovely slow in coming, but came nevertheless as it always does) the best place is on the beach and not in front of a trading screen. In fact, during my friend's big O birthday party over the last weekend, I talked to some nice lady who seemed interested in what I was doing for a living. They kinda tend to be... Well, so I said that I was a day trader. She asked me if I could take a break from my work whenever I wanted to and I said yes to that, which is totally true, so perhaps I should do it now. That's actually one of the greatest things about this business and the one that emphasizes your independence quite nicely too. Of course, being a total marketing klutz that I am, I never mentioned this site when talking to her. Gee, I guess that's just one of my charms... Or something. And she had even tried day trading before, but of stocks. Or, at least, that's what she said. What a klutz, indeed. Not she, still me.

Well ...

Yet another one, the day after, so that's 12th in a row now. Got up a bit too early for me, so being a little sleepy, I took only a few quick shots, but that's still over $200 in less than 30 minutes of work.  Notice that 3 out of these 6 trades did not last even a whole minute. Quick enough?

One more?

I had to run a few errands today, August 23rd, so was not trading as much as I otherwise might have been, but the results were still pretty good: three solid 10 pointers, and the last two trades could have produced profits even of 30 points quite easily (see another Sierra Chart chart screenshot below for what I mean). That's the 11th consecutive trading day, still not the longest continuous streak of my daily trading reports I have ever posted here, but close enough. I could go on like that for longer, but that's not necessarily what I would like to do (taking a break from time to time is never a bad idea) and I don't think this would prove anything that I did not prove already many screenshots like that ago. Namely, that KING ideas do work and if you have what it takes to succeed in this business you will most likely do very well with them.

Indeed, the rest was history...

Lucky seven

Seven is a good number to finish a week with. And it was a good week, about as good as the previous one, over 2 grand. This also closes yet another 2 week long period of my daily results, 10 working days in a row. Well, more perhaps later as my friend's birthday party is tomorrow and I now have to take care of other things rather badly.

Awesome Thursdays

Thursdays can be so awesome for me. Notice those two neat 10 pointers, the last two trades, the next to last one is also documented with a screenshot of a 5 minute Sierra Chart chart below. Both could have been decent 20 pointers too (and the last one even a 40 pointer, holy cow, if you really wanted to be that awesomely greedy), but that's a small detail here and we are not that greedy at all. I thought I was done for the day after the first of those bad boys, but then could not really pass the other one. Other days that can be so awesome for those trading KING include Wednesdays, Tuesdays, Mondays, and, I can't believe I am saying it, even Fridays. Being somewhat of a lazy fellow, I don't trade on Saturdays and Sundays, so can't really say how awesome they could be with KING. So how's your awesomeness doing? 

Another demonstration of my "crystal ball" in action ...

Having fun trading?

Me too. But I got pissed off at some point today, meaning August 18th. That's after I had lost $30 gross (yes, that was definitely gross) when adding to my position. Bracket Trader does not have this thing implemented particularly well, and sometimes this happens to me. Overall, since I could have gotten at least $75 on this trade had it not been stopped out for a loss, I would have added to my bottom line over $100. Oh well, all's well that ends well, so today was another good day. Totally on the short side, as I started trading in the late afternoon when the market was rather exhausted after a solid run-up in the morning. I was anticipating the market to go down at this point, which it did quite nicely (see the picture below showing a 5 minute Sierra Chart chart), and so my insistence on the short side did pay off. I must have a crystal ball or something, right? Well, maybe. I am not sure. I am not trying to sell you any magic here. I don't even claim to have any magic indicators. And I disclose everything I use. What I do have, I call it simply KING. 

My "crystal ball" in action ...

Another one?

Yep, the seventh in a row. Let's just say that my good friend of nearly 30 years has a birthday this weekend and so I need to get him a nice gift. One of those two trades did not last even a whole minute and the other one could have been a solid 10 pointer (heck, even a 20 pointer), but I did not care about it this time. It was time to stop trading for the day after nearly an hour and a half of scalping. Yes, business as usual. Whether I post it here or not, my results continue to be as boring as usual. Yours could be that boring too. But then again, I don't charge $7500 for KING nor do I make bogus promises of guaranteed profits every day, so my offer may indeed not appeal to everyone. 

Another good day?

Looks like that, although I was kinda miffed when this last trade ended up as a solid 10 pointer, pretty much as I anticipated it, but I was not fast enough to adjust my target. Well, that's okay. For scalping 5 points is your guy. I plan 10 point and bigger targets for a KING trading room and as much as I am sometimes tempted to start it sooner rather than later, I still need and want to finish some smaller tasks. But the room will come too. Definitely when I so bored I can't stand not having one any more. Or maybe even sooner. And that's one of the reasons I am reading lots of boring books these days. Well, it's also a vacation time, but it's actually more boring than lots of. I have found out that after reading a boring book or two (usually it's just one), I get so much more enthusiastic about work that it's just scary. Try it, it may work for you too. It's not that I really deliberately choose boring books, but recently they have been turning out to be pretty much like that. Still, considering the upside mentioned, I really don't mind it any more. And, incidentally, this is the 140th screenshot documenting my daily results and the six work day documented like that in a row. I will probably take a break from posting here until next month, but we'll see. 

Another good week

I lost my count how many full weeks I have shown here this year, probably 10. This one is no exception, but what's interesting about it is that it ends (the work week, that is) on Friday, 13th. August the 13th, that is. I was worried a bit about this day yesterday, but I forgot completely about it today. Short memory is a great thing, it turns out. Only when I finished my trading did I realize that again. Well, it was a slow day, nothing noteworthy happened on it and I took only 4 trades as I hate it when the market moves that slow. But, another $2000+ for the week, and who can really complain about this? 

Groggy ...

Well, I guess it could have been worse than that, but being groggy can impair your performance quite a bit and so I did miss at least 2-3 good opportunities to add to my bottom line. I should have targeted 10 instead of 5 ticks on some occasions, but since I was not at my best, I was less daring than I should have been. Well, who can really complain, anyway? Moreover, it's discretionary trading, and so you can easily forgive yourself that you did not act like  a stupid machine. See the picture below (a 5 minute chart of Sierra Chart) that shows where I missed at least two good occasions to make more on the trades and where I actually totally anticipated 10 ticks. Oh, well, to think that I will have to live with this for the rest of my life is just killing me. No, I am not really serious...

I so can't believe how greedy some people can be ...

And sometimes an hour is just enough 

But I squeezed 8 trades into it, a full hour, that is, before I had my breakfast, or whatever it is that you eat the first thing in the morning. And whatever it is that you may call "the morning." For me, it's when I wake up, which is not always what most people consider "the morning," but I've somehow never managed to be like most people. Yes, I know, I should be more ambitious, and believe me, I am trying, but these days it's even harder than ever, and it's probably because I don't have to be like most people. I can wake up whenever I want to and not when my boss wants me to. And I even haven't had a boss for like almost 10 years now. Anyway, another good day, even without a boss figure in my life. The next picture shows a Sierra Chart 5 minute chart that features two long bars from which the biggest profits came today ($150 and $100 gross). And it serves as one more testimony to how well you can do with KING. Or something... And that all happened on August 11th, and so we are now over $1500 up for the week, after 3 days only. 

Two nice and long bars of profit

Sometimes 4 is just enough 

Yep, 4 trades, that is. Less than an hour of trading on August 10th, a day the Fed stirred up volatility quite a bit with its meeting. Only once did I use 6 contracts per position, and it was, of course, at the right time. See the next picture that shows a Sierra Chart 5 minute chart and the bar that contributed to the profits on the last trade. Another neat example of how well you can position yourself with KING. Yes, I could have scored even 20 points more on this trade, but hindsight is always 20/20. Now back to my work on KING. More stuff coming this quarter for sure. And a price hike ...

Another nice and long bar of profit

Better late than never

I started late today, August 9h. But that's not so unusual, as I usually don't trade until after 9 A.M. PST, which is already in the afternoon of New York time. And sometimes it's just the last our of the daily trading session as was the case today. But it was yet another good day. I used a bit more than 1-3 contracts on two occasions, but still pretty much within my trading plan for I try to stay within 6-8 contracts per position, unless I am more daring (not too often) as was the case just last month. See also the next picture that points to the bar from which I collected profits on the last trade: a pretty nice long bar that serves as one more illustration of how robust KING ideas can be. It shows a Sierra Chart 5 minute chart. The next post here probably next week; I am now much more selective about what I post here, if only because there is already plenty of long-term evidence that KING does deliver. 

Nice long bar of profit

Lucky 9?

Not, really. Just 9. There is nothing lucky about it. Just good trading ideas plus skill. But the day, August 6th, was pretty boring and it took me over 2 hours to get to the $500 area where I wanted to get. Well, just another day, not much to write home about.

Slow day

So I quit after 4 trades only. The market was slow like molasses, so bad that I could not stand it, so I took only 4 trades today, August 3rd. That's basically a memo that I am alive and kicking, but busy with other KING-related things, so I until I am done with them, I am unlikely to post here very often. I mean things like, among others, custom designed KING indicators for Sierra Chart, more KING videos, and more educational Word documents that I promised to deliver every quarter, so this quarter will be no different. But once I am done with those things, I will probably resume posting here more often. Still, there are already over 130 screenshots documenting my daily trading exploits in the "I can do it too!" section of KING, so it's not like you don't have enough evidence that KING ideas work. My first KING clients had only about 30 screenshots like those you see here to rely on, all produced by my first KING student, one talented Katherine.

Bigger size

I was encouraged by Kevin's email and his great success with a bigger size using KING (see the last testimonial in the testimonial section) and so I decided to give it a try too: two of my trades today (July 29th) involved 12 contracts. While this is not unusual for Kevin, I tend to trade with a smaller number of contracts, rarely exceeding 6-8 per position. But you can do well with a bigger size as well, if you feel comfortable with it, which I don't that much if I am to be honest. No one is perfect, I guess. I believe this is the best result I have showed you in the KING section of this site except for the results that belong to Katherine. She made over $1700 on one day with only 1-2 contracts per position, but with 40 trades. That's very impressive, indeed. I may never be able to match it, but I don't complain either. KING is meant to give you steady profits every day, how big they are depends on a number of factors, such as the size of your positions and the frequency of your trading, the latter being closely related to how many hours you can trade being focused well enough to make money. I have been meaning to adjust my commissions in Bracket Trader for a while (like months, actually) so that they finally reflect my actual commissions which are lower a bit compared to those you could infer from the screenshots, but I decided to keep them that way until I change a broker, if only for the sake of consistency. With my trading size the difference is not that big, anyway, even today it was less than $10 overall. But I don't plan on changing my broker soon. I like Interactive Brokers and I like Bracket Trader even more, so I guess the old commissions are here to stay for a while. 

You want some more?

So that you don't think I died or something, I might post a few screenshots of my trading results from time to time during this summer time and the regular Southern California heat wave. So here is the first one of those. It's from July 19th. I woke up very early today, answered a few emails, and since it was Monday, I went to bed again: I was too groggy for trading. I woke up again, this time fully rested, and with just about half an hour till the end of the trading session, I decided to get into action. It's never too late if you really want it... Well, the rest is history: 3 trades out of 5 did not last even a full minute (AKA usual stuff) and that 5 contract trade was not some vanity position as you can see from the chart screenshot below (showing Sierra Chart), but a pretty calculated move on my part. I really could not anticipate that strong a move in my favor, but I knew I was doing the right thing. So less than 20 minutes of trading and nearly a quarter of a grand in profits. Who would not like that? Still using  your medieval trading tools? I can imagine this could be a lot of fun. If you are a historian, that is...

The last two trades...

That's it!

It's the last day of June 2010 and, as I had planned, I posted here three more daily reports to finish this month off and to add to the previous 7 consecutive winning days. That's 10 winning days in a row, but that's still not the longest winning sequence I ever showed you here. The longest was 12 winning days in a row, if I recall it correctly. I don't think you will ever see here 15 consecutive daily reports because I rarely trade 15 or more days a month, but this month I have collected a record number of them, 17, showing all my daily results of the month. All positive. Well, I think I will stop posting here for a while. Perhaps until the price of KING hits $1000. Those who do have what it takes to succeed in this business have had enough evidence of the power of KING dozens of screenshots like that ago. Those who don't are better off to try something else and I never tire of encouraging them to do just that. Day trading is easier than most people think it is, but it's just not for everyone, and as much as I would love to help as many as possible, I can realistically help only those who want to help themselves. Notice that the last 3 trades did not take even a whole minute each, and altogether there were 5 trades like that today, very much in KING's spirit.

Maybe I will...

Finish it out, that is. This month. Yet another $300+ day, as planned, 10 trades so that no one thinks I am some lazy bum, and only 40 minutes to get the job done. As I said before, airplanes are still laughing all the way to the bank. Pure KING trading. I did not use more than 3 contracts per position in these trades. In the recent days, especially those that netted me over $600, I might have used up to 6-8 contracts per position, but only once a day at most, apart from that it was 1-3 as usual. Tomorrow is the last day to buy KING at the price of the Special. Then the price will go up, and it will reach a full grand or more a few weeks or months down the road. 

Maybe I'll finish it out...

This month, that is. Maybe not... But I am going to aim for $300 or so only, it takes too long to make $500-1000...

I can be such a %$%^$^%^...

I swear I did not know that. I learned it just today after I was done humiliating Mr. Market once again. The seventh time in a row. And then the phone rang. It was Mr. Market. He said that I was "%$%^^%&&*_)()_ ())()_+_)+_$%$&^&*(*" and I am quoting only the nice part of what he said. But you know what? I even did not plan that. I was hoping to do some more work on KING (more videos and stuff) this month, but then with all this excellent volatility it was hard for me not to take a shot at serious trading, and once you start doing it you just can't stop, so I guess this good volatility is to blame for that. It's so much easier to trade when volatility is on your side that you want to take advantage of it as much as possible. Those several $600+ days in a row should not thus come as a surprise. But next month, I will be focusing on KING much more. I promise. So that's probably the last memo from yet another good month. I can't believe I posted 14 daily reports here this month. These days I almost never trade 15 or more days a month. Next month, I may not even post here, or else I will never get more videos (and stuff) done.

Yet again?

You bet, the sixth time in a row. Yet again, I humiliated this poor sucker... I mean Mr. Market. Yeah, I know, I know. I should be so ashamed of myself. Believe me, I try. I do try to be ashamed of myself almost every day, it just happens that 90% of the time I end up totally unashamed. It's killing me! And notice that the last two trades did not last even a full minute, very much in KING's style when volatility is good. But that's still nothing compared to those five beauties in a row from today too (see next shot). Five quick punches within less than 10 minutes. Boy, that's gotta hurt. Poor Mr. Market. Tomorrow's a Friday, so unless I am totally bored, I doubt I will be trading. And I don't want to be ashamed of myself again... I so hate it.

5 royal beauties - less than 1 minute each


I have yet to figure out this 16 thing. It's a kinda odd looking number to me, even if it's perfectly even. But what the heck. Here in America we don't discriminate against any natural numbers, which is exactly why Senator McCain is running for a senatorial job the 24th time in a row, or something, and he isn't even the oldest one among the US Senate old farts. But let's talk about trading. So we logged yet another full trading week (the last 5 screenshots posted here document 5 days in a row) and the total stands at a bit over $3,000, no bragging intended. That should be the price of KING if I were a greedy marketing bastard, but since I am not, I doubt I will ever charge more than half of it for a single copy of KING. Yes, $1,500 is quite justifiable and we'll get there sooner or later. The last 10-20 copies of KING will certainly cost that much.

18 can be a nice number ...

too. Well over a grand after only 2 days this week. Should I trade more this week? We'll see.

10 claims that 2 ...

is a fake round number. Well, whatever. 10 or 2, as long as you are making money, and with KING that's not so hard, you can forget everything else. It was a good day, even if largely uneventful. Maybe because on Mondays I tend to be pretty sleepy...

2 is a new round number ...

So I woke up kinda late today, but in an excellent mood for trading. The first trade could have been a very quick (less than a minute) 5 pointer, but I thought that I deserved at least 10 points (hey, I showed up for work!) and thought this was possible, so I added to my position and nearly half an hour later (I did not realize I could be that patient!) I collected the spoils. And then joined the ride once more when the market was sliding in earnest, but for only 6 ticks (with two contracts), enough to ensure 200 bucks for half an hour of work. I think that getting enough sleep is much more important than working your butt off. I suspect that most people would agree with me, obviously behind their boss' back. If you are well rested, even working on a Friday can be bearable. But not too long, of course...

And some days are...

Well, some days are slower... I did not feel like taking more trades today. The market seemed slow and even if I managed to make nearly 300 bucks within an hour, I decided to call it quits. Sometimes a Thursday feels like a Friday...


And airplanes are still laughing all the way to the bank. Sorry, just couldn't resist this line... Well, 120 is a very nice round number. It's the number of screenshots with my daily results posted in "I can do it to!" section. Actually, to be precise, there are 125 such screenshots, but five of them show the results of a friend of mine that put on a guest appearance here last summer, so his full week of trading using KING ideas is not taken into account. His was a good week too, with all days up. And you know what? 120 trading days is very much 6 months of trading. Yes, half a year of solid trading results is what we now have here. And look at this last screenshot: 4 trades that did not take even a full minute, out of 8 total. Nice, just KING trading. It took me only an hour and 10 minutes to pocket those 300 bucks, not bad at all. I am technically taking a break from trading, but trading can be so much fun that it's hard to take a good break from it, short of going on vacation. Incidentally, that's also the 6th winning day in a row and on a Monday... I don't know about you, but I am not among the biggest fans of Mondays, to put it mildly. In the past, I showed you  here longer winning streaks than just 6 days, but six days is not bad either.

Once again, airplanes had the last laugh...

Looks like I am going to use this line a lot. It may even become my trademark line. I like it. I mean "airplanes had the last laugh." See my last post to find out how it originated. Yes, indeed, one more time. Well, it did not take me longer than an hour to squeeze out $200 or so (about 52 minutes to be more precise), but the market was slow, borderline constipated, so I had only 2 trades that took less than a minute (but one of them only 5 seconds!), and not much interesting happened (maybe because it's a Friday) in the course of today's trading, so I am showing only the last two trades of the day, which I tend to do if I have nothing  particularly interesting to show, just to save some bandwidth. But on the other hand, that's also yet another full week of trading recorded here, the second week of  June, the week when many e-mini futures contracts had their rollover day. This took place just yesterday. Well over $1,500 for the week, if I am not mistaken. I would say that certainly justifies the price of KING, but if you wish to pay more, the higher prices are just around the corner, so to speak. 

"I am speechless... I am without speech..."

That's a line from Seinfeld, my favorite TV show, spoken by Elaine. Yes, I am so speechless: 6 trades, 4 of which did not take even a full minute, the last one taking mere 10 seconds. 20 minutes of work, a bit over 200 bucks. Now, that's nice... It's time to celebrate. Just today I heard from a guy who says that the system like KING should not work. Well, that's why I don't call it "system." That solves the problem immediately, doesn't it? They used to say the same about airplanes. And airplanes had the last laugh. Some people are just too funny... So how do you deal with people like that? Well, you just tell them to try something else. After all, it's not like everyone has to use KING. Not at all. 

And then one more...

I managed to get over $200 within an hour or so, with just 1-3 contracts as in the last two days, but then increased my size a bit... Who says that you cannot make more than $500 on a good day. Heck, you can make even more than that... That's the third day in a row, but I may not trade the rest of the week.

Another day, another 11 contracts...

And... well, see for yourself. Less than half an hour, 4 out of 7 trades did not last even a whole minute. It's called emini trading with KING. One copy of KING Special still left. And one day there will only be one copy of KING left at all. Then I will move to something else that makes even more sense from my perspective. 

Back to normal...

Not a single loss today, not much trading either, pretty much as usual when I trade lightly. 6 trades, at most 3 contracts per position, less than an hour of trading. And notice that half of the trades did not last even a whole minute. Good, "royal" performance.

Starting June with a loser...

See that $70 loser? The first trade of the day and of the month. Now see the final result. Less than an hour of trading, 6 shots, on average slightly less than 2 contracts per shot used. The result: over $250, which amounts to $5000 a month, a decent salary even in these United States, but with much less effort expanded. Can you do this? If you believe you can, you are very much right. Or as Henry Ford put it, "whether you think you can or you cannot, you are right." Mr. Ford was a smart guy. I won't be trading a lot in June just as I did not trade a lot in May. I don't trade as much as I used to, for well over a year I have not traded a full month. I don't have to and I don't think more is better. Day trading is not about trading every day, it's simply about closing your position before the daily session close. Plus, this business, just like most businesses out there, is really about making money and not just working every day. And sometimes not working every day can make you more money than laboring every day. Just like working only an hour or two can be more productive than working 4-6 hours a day. I rarely ever trade more than 3 hours a day, usually just 1-2 hours. And usually in the afternoon, so that I am more rested: being a night person I hate getting up early. Not to mention that this feels like having to go to work. 

Mayada continues...

Another $300, although this time it took nearly 20 minutes and 5 trades, but the same number of contracts. That's some hard work, indeed... And that was on May 26th, the day after the previous 300+ buck day. There is no such bad thing as high volatility if you know how to take advantage of it. If you don't, consider learning it

Same May, another day...

See what you can do when volatility is good, as it was again today when the market tanked because of financial woes in Europe. And more of it is still to come... Over 300 bucks in less than 15 minutes with only 2-3 contracts. I still need to update my commissions, but since Bracket Trader does not make it particularly easy and I am trading only sporadically these days, this will have to wait. I am even not sure how to do it, if I am to be honest, but it's not as straightforward as it is in the trading platform of that marketing company. You know, NinjaTrader... Not a big deal and about the only slightly annoying thing about this otherwise nice piece of software as opposed to... well, quite a few other trading platforms that I would never seriously consider for trading despite their pretty big following. 

That's some May day...

Yes, one of those May days of 2010 when volatility spiked again. I am technically taking a break from trading for a few months, perhaps even till the end of the year and so now my focus is on developing KING (like creating more videos and stuff) and on other things in my life that I have neglected rather badly while running two businesses (my day trading and my vendor business, that is). But I may trade from time to time, particularly when I get bored with the other things. Unless I completely retire. So if you don't see here as frequent updates as in the past, that's not because KING stopped working. Not at all. KING ideas have worked for me for the past 7-8 years and they will continue working as long as I choose to use them. They will work for you too once you have mastered them.

Nice, really nice...

See, that's what KING is about: 5 trades, less than 30 minutes of trading, 200 bucks. No more than 3 contracts per position. Are you doing that well? And did you notice that 3 out of these 5 trades did not last even a whole minute? "Nice..." (I am trying to mock Borat here.) So, I showed you yet another full week, 5 trading days in a row. Many more in the past. Well over 2 grand, no bragging intended. This is the 110th screenshot of this kind showing my daily trading results. You know what ancient Romans used to say in a case like that? "Sapienti sat." Translated, that means "A word is enough to the wise." Any Romans in your family? If not, here is your best shot at starting your own Roman lineage. 

I really hate to brag again...

so let's just say that I snatched another victory from the jaws of defeat to make all the losers out there feel better. You know, in this day and age, successful people are expected to be so apologetic. This makes no sense to me. The barriers to the club called Success are largely self-imposed. It's not the successful ones that prevent you from joining it, but, I am afraid, it's  simply you. Okay, I may not trade tomorrow... I am filthy rich already. Or maybe I will. We'll see.

And who says that you can't have...

two good days in a row... Like half a grand a day in about an hour or so. The market dropped like a rock about 11:27. See that trade that gave me 9 ticks? That's when this happened. Yes, I was on the right side of the market. I am very often on the right side of the market with KING. Very often, indeed...

Let's have some more...

The market was dropping like crazy today, as if something evil was driving it. And sure enough it was the Goldman-Sucks execs who just happened to be testifying before Congress. It turns out they can be useful from time to time too and the volatility they spawned today was enough to make half a grand in about an hour with a moderate number of contracts. That is if you were a KING trader. Notice that two of the trades shown did not take even a whole minute, that's how fast the market was moving. The first of them was a 10 pointer, the second could have been, but I was too slow to adjust my target. Well, not a bad day... Thanks Goldman-Sucks! 

And then yet another classic KING day

And by " classic" I mean trading with just 1-3 contracts, targeting 5-10 ticks, although 5 ticks is preferred and can be reached much faster on most occasions. And sometimes you gotta be happy with just 3 or 4 ticks. That was not the end of trading day for me, I did better than that, but that's another story. I have been pretty busy all April working on KING videos, and even though I traded quite a bit as usual, I also wanted to take a break from posting here. Doing so like weeks on end, as I did in March, gets boring rather fast, trust me. You know, there are already over 100 screenshots like this one in this section of the site made just by me and over 30 made by other people, mostly by Katherine, so how many more do you still need to be convinced that KING can make you money? It's for this reason that now I will be focusing more on other things, of greater use to my KING clients than my potential clients. I believe the latter have already been provided with enough evidence to make a sound buying decision. By all means feel free to review all the shots posted here, and don't forget that altogether they represent over 1000 trades. Yes, that many... And I even don't mention their quality. 


Countdown to 100 - 105

One more, two days after Easter. I did some trading yesterday too, but mostly testing waters. Today I was more serious. No more than 3 contracts per position were used and considering that volatility was still subdued, that is a pretty decent result. In April, I will be posting here rather sporadically, as I will be more busy with other things. I need to shoot a few videos for my clients in April and this is likely to keep me busy in the months to come as well.


Countdown to 100 - 104

I said I would not be trading before Easter any more. Hey, I tricked you: April's Fool! Well, I wanted to start yet another month on an upbeat note, and so that's what I did. I had two small losses that I suffered in a tight range, but all's well that ends well. Off to another good month! I am not sure I will be as prolific posting here in April as I was in the first 3 months of this year, but on the other hand there is already plenty of evidence here that KING ideas work just fine, so no one should really miss anything important if I focus on something else this month. Don't forget that only 5 more copies of KING are available at $850. Once they are gone, the price goes up. Happy Easter again!


Countdown to 100 - 103

Well, one more, 17th this month. I woke up fully rested today and took a look at the charts. I was not sure whether I should trade today... And then I recalled that I needed a mike to record KING videos, something I started working on recently. I thought that it might be a good idea to make some money to buy the mike. And that's what I did, although I probably overdid it a bit. The mike I am planning to buy is less than 15 bucks. What a bummer! Still, it beats waiting for Santa... Incidentally, this is the 12th screenshot of daily results in a row! That's longer than two weeks in a row. That's a new record, although you will find quite a few examples of full week (meaning 5 days in a row) and even longer sequences of daily results on this site.


Countdown to 100 - 102

Yes, Virginia, not only does Santa exist, but both he and his reindeer are big KING aficionados. Rudolph, the reindeer guy, is said to be a much better trader than Santa, but then again if you were several hundred years old, as Santa happens to be, you too might be prone to confusing the short position with the long one, and that's only for starters. This holiday season (Easter) Santa is not going to be around, though, and you may not want to wait till Christmas to get yourself KING as its price is going up soon. I am also taking a holiday break, but I have showed you 16 screenshots with daily results this month, so I think I definitely deserve a good break. Happy holidays, then!


Countdown to 100 - 101

Forget the perfect 10! It's so phony. 10 has never been a perfect number. Never mind the perfect 6 (yes, math says it's a perfect number, unlike that 10 imposter), here comes a new powerful kid on the block: the lucky seven. I somehow cannot bring myself to calling this thing "perfect"; it's as fugly and bastardly as 17! Seven one pointers in a row (per contract). Now, that is some trading. There are people out there who would want you to believe that you cannot make money scalping eminis. They are called stupid. Of course, you can. There are many ways to skin the cat, just because you have never made any money scalping does not mean that someone else can't either. The first trade would have been a monster multi-pointer, but that's not what scalping is about. You want to stick to your small  2-4 tick targets (in ES, 5-10 in YM) and deviating from this rule is a sure way to a poorhouse. Let's count our loot for this week. No bragging intended, but it was over 3 grand, by a bit. I have just showed you 2 consecutive winning weeks, 10 trading days in a row. I very rarely go on trading for 10 days in a row, and often don't trade more than 15 days a month. Overall, I have collected on this site about 135 screenshots like the last one, about 30 of them produced by Katherine, 5 by my friend, GG, who appeared here as a guest trader when I was on vacation last summer, and 101 of my own work. That's way more than 6 full months of trading! If you find a site which has more comprehensive documentation of this kind, please do let me know. I rather doubt you will find such a thing, though. More evidence of KING power is still bound to come, perhaps not in this form, but let me assure you that I am done yet. I am working on some ideas for a trading room and when the room is up and running, I will sure let you know more about it. Meanwhile, KING is still just $850, the last five copies of it. Much more affordable than its so-called competition. Totally unmatched when it comes to the results. KING is all you need to become a successful emini trader. Well, plus the desire to succeed. If you are not willing to be a winner, you won't be.


Countdown to 100 - 100!

I am very pleased with this screenshot. Not only because it is the 100th of those that showcase my trading using KING methods, but also because it illustrates what KING is about. Notice that the last 3 trades did not take even 30 seconds combined! How fast is that? Notice also that all those 6 trades took place within less than an hour, generating over $200 while I never resorted to using more than 3 contracts per position. Yes, it is possible to make over a grand with less than 3 contracts per position using KING ideas, and I did show you this in the past, but it is much easier to do so using 3-6 contracts, as I did just yesterday. Still before you start making $500-1000 a day with a slightly bigger size, you want to be able to make at least $200 a day with 1-3 contracts. KING makes this quite possible. Because of that, KING is perfect for small traders and beginners who cannot or should not be trading with more than 1-3 contracts, although it could also appeal to wealthier or more experienced day traders who enjoy discretionary trading. We do not discriminate against rich or even filthy rich people one bit.


Countdown to 100 - 99

17 is really an ugly number. No grace whatsoever. Just one of those prime numbers that seem to be so out of place among the nice numbers with some regularities. Like 6, the first perfect number, that is the number equal to the sum of its divisors (1+2+3), less then itself, of course. Bad there is no reason to complain about our today's results. Only the very last trade consumed 6 contracts, which can be totally forgiven as this is a perfect number, all the other used 1-3 contracts, which is the size I use most of the time whenever I plan to post here. But even without the last trade the results would have been very good.


Countdown to 100 - 98

Yet another good day. This time I took only 6 trades, half of the magic 12 that I would take over the last few days. I got a pretty bad headache, which forced me to stop trading earlier. Notice that the last two trades did not last even a whole minute. The last trade yesterday also took less than a minute. Twenty bucks in less than a minute, not a bad rate if you ask me...


Countdown to 100 - 97

Certainly, another very nice day. I hope you agree. And 12 did its magic again... What else can I say? Well, perhaps that the price of $850 won't last forever. As you see, I made more than $850 in just one day of trading. Actually, more like a few hours of trading. There are only a few more copies of KING left at this price. Since I can rely on my trading to generate income, I can afford not to charge as much as those funny marketing bozos who shoot videos when they "trade." Still, the price that low won't last for much longer. 


Countdown to 100 - 96

So, 12 is a magic number, again. Yes, it is no ordinary number at all. After all, it even owns a nickname, "dozen." Not many numbers can boast of a nickname. So once more, I showed you a whole week of daily results. This time for YM, that some of my clients trade or may want to trade, the other good market being ES, although you can apply KING to many other emini markets as well. The daily average this week was over $300. Not so bad, you can live on that quite safely. And we also started a countdown to 100. This screenshot is the 96th screenshot showing my daily results. If you think many other vendors show that much evidence, let alone documented with screenshots like the ones you see here, you may want to think again. Really...


My let's-stick-to-12-as-a-round-number YM change

The human race fascination with round numbers knows no limits. Actually, 11 seems much rounder than 12. First, because it's closer to 10, and then because the sum of its digits is 2 which is 10 in the binary system which computers rely on. Anyway, another 12 trades and another good day. Less than 2 hours of work, and less than 45 seconds spent on the last trade. Life is good... I hope your trading is going well too. If not, maybe you should consider KING. I know I would. But then again, I am known to know things. For instance, I knew that my last entry today was very likely to give me 15 points. And it did, except that it took much longer than 44 seconds, and I trade for a living and not to impress anyone with 15 point profits. Or something. Actually, it was more like 25 points. You could get that much protecting your position with a PSAR. Yes, those are possible with KING too, but I prefer to go after small pieces and, as you can see, they add up rather quickly to nice profits. Even if trading 1-3 contracts per position only, as was the case today and yesterday.


My 12-is-a very-round-number-today YM change

Well, let's say that it's close enough to being round for the reasons that are totally classified. I thought that 2 hours of work today was enough. After all, it's almost a weekend already. Technically the third day of the week is the beginning of the weekend, at least for some lazy people out there. But who can say I am lazy? Look, I took 12 trades today. That's a lot of work. Most people take like 3-5 a day, if at all. Incidentally,  the last entry would have given rise to a very nice 20-25 pointer. I knew that trade had a much higher potential, of at least 15 points, but was a bit too busy with something else at that point to entertain it in its fully anticipated glory. Or something... But I count this as one more evidence that KING ideas are quite sound. This is the type of trade I want to use for the KING trading room. There is 1-3 good trades like that almost every day.


My volatility-is-so-good YM change

Volatility was very good today courtesy of FOMC, a bunch of old farts that meet a few times a year to determine the state of the US economy and to set the lending rates. Notice that the last two trades did not last even a whole minute and yet produced hefty 5 pointers. That's what you can do with KING when volatility is good.


My very boring YM change

You have no idea how boring my trading was today. I wanted to do a more systematic type of trading as I am working on ideas for a trading room for KING traders and so I got a few ideas to test. Well, I could not do this, it's unbelievable how boring and how inefficient the system type of trading is compared to discretionary trading that is the core of KING. As a result, I really had to abandon it (well, at least today) and finished out my day with what I feel so much more at home now, that is, discretionary trading. I am not surprised that KING is selling so well. Once you have tried it, you just don't want to go back to anything else. Having said so, I do think I will be able to work out a few solid strategies for 15 YM ticks or so for the trading room. Sooner or later. I don't give up so easily. Incidentally, that last trade came very close to the long reversal around 14: 30 EST and if I were not so bored at the time, I might have caught a bigger chunk of it.


My exceptionally-round ES change

Notice how many eights we got here: one in Total (18), one in Win (18), one in Gross P/L (825), and one in Net P/L (681). That's 4.  And since 8 is twice as round as 0, we got a very round day, indeed. Incidentally, the last trade would have been an easy two pointer and not just a one pointer. In fact, it could have even been a 5 pointer. That's how good it was. That's the fifth day in a row, with the total for the week of well over $2000. In the past I showed you a few more full weeks, in some cases even 6 or 8 days in a row, all profitable. So you still think that there is something better out there than KING? Well, good luck, then. You will need it. As far as I am concerned the results I have showed all over the place in the KING section justify the price of at least $2000 for KING, so until the actual price of KING matches it, I might as well take a break from posting here.


My tight-range ES change

The market was mostly stuck in a narrow 2-3 point range at the time of my trading, which made small scalps a good way to make money. No great ending with a one pointer, though, but I got one during the day.


My yet-another-strong-finish ES change

Just as yesterday, it was another one pointer that finished the day, the rest were mostly scalps of 1-3 ticks.


My ending-up-on-a high-note ES change

Meaning finishing with a one pointer, the only one today.


My so-it's-yet-another-month-again ES change

Yeah, although last year we had a March too, so how is it anything new? Same old boring month. The results are also kinda the same. I mean, pretty good as usual. I was mostly scalping for a few ticks being a bit sleepy today. I even took a nap and then did some more scalping.


My let's-try-it-again ES change

Yesterday I said that I was done posting this month. Apparently I was not quite right, or as a politician or lawyer (and we all love these people, don't we) would say "the truth was not told." Sorry. I am posting one more time. Less than an hour, more than $250. I did not realize that it took me only an hour or so to produce these 9 winning trades, but that's what happened. It was mostly nibbling for two ticks, but you can also spot 2 one pointers on this list, the last of which could have been a very easy two pointer. Don't try to figure out anything from it, though, as this is discretionary trading, so you will not be able to find much of a system here. And it was not the end of trading for me today. I did better than that just as I did yesterday (on both days it was over $300). The shots I post here are not meant as my trading record, but rather to emphasize some points. Still, this also gives you a very faithful representation of what a good KING trader can do.


My half-an-hour ES change

Well, that was quick. Less than half an hour, never used more than 2 contracts, 2 one pointers (per contract), and more than $200. You think you can do better than that? And, once more, the last trade could have been a solid 2 pointer, just like the last one yesterday. This time, however, the trade originated from a critical spot formation. Another quite a powerful KING trading "setup" of sorts. I hear all the time from people who can't believe that it's possible to do so well. I can't help them. They have been brainwashed into believing that the so-called realistic methods need to be mediocre if not crappy. Well, with this type of expectations you can only produce mediocre results. I expect more. And I get it. You could too. This was the 10th screenshot this month, last month you got 10 too, and that's more than 50% of trading days in January and February (only 19). I may continue posting here next month, not sure yet, as I have other plans too.


My lucky-seven ES change

This has really nothing to do with luck. It is just a good trading methodology coupled with experience. I was playing it well within a range, mostly with small sizes, once only with a medium size of 4. And guess what? That last trade could have been a 2 pointer quite easily (in one solid thrust too). Just as I said it a few times before about other of my trades. Now, the reason I like to say so from time to time is to emphasize that there is really nothing accidental about my results. For instance, the last trade was what KING traders call WOO. This is some neat and quite powerful formation, or as most people would say "setup," although I prefer not to use the latter term for it implies an unnecessary rigidity that is discouraged in KING. Wanna be friends with KING? Well, it's still only $850. And the said WOO formation is discussed in the very KING manual, so it's not something hard to find in the growing body of KING's knowledge.


My very round ES change

It's the number of trades that is round. I was nibbling quite a bit today, being busy with a few other things, but it's another good day. Altogether, if you sum up all P/L's this week, you will see another round number: 1537.1 = 1500+37.1, so well, at least a part of this number is very round. After discarding "unroundables"... I did not trade this Monday because it was a President's day and the US stock exchanges were closed. Not a bad week, overall. Oh, and by the way, while the price of KING is still $850, it's going up soon. I doubt I will be posting here next week. 8 screenshots this month is enough, I think. 


My rather ordinary ES change

Just another day. I am not sure I will be trading tomorrow as I am planning a short trip out of town.


My Babylonias-are-so-cool ES change

And two of those trades shown in the screenshot did not even last a minute. One lasted exactly 59 seconds; I should thank Babylonians for the sexagesimal base. It is not quite clear why they chose the base of 60, but this base has been with us for many centuries now and crops up in places we sometimes do not suspect have something to do with it. For instance, the well known convention that the sum of angles in the triangle is 180 degrees (in the Euclidean, that is, flat space) and not 100 or 200 is clearly related to the number of 60. The second from the top trade could have been a nice one pointer, meaning per contract, but it's still okay the way it turned out to be. But that has nothing to do with our Babylonian friends. One cannot blame everything on dead people...


My mostly-boring ES change

That was a pretty boring day. I don't know why. Maybe because I traded more than I have recently. Or perhaps I traded more because it was a boring day. Or perhaps it was boring because the market was pretty much stuck in a range, so most targets were 2 ticks only, although I hit 2 one pointers too. Well, whatever. It was not a bad day, and that's what matters most.


My very-round ES change

Well, on Fridays all results are round enough for me. I was a little tired after a whole week, so I did not trade much. George V had a second winner today since its release just 2 days ago. Nice start, indeed.


My a-bit-of-struggling ES change

I was not feeling too well today, so only 6 trades, but with a bigger size. Yes, I had to squeeze out $500 once I got very close to it, so the very last trade was basically to cross the finish line, and it could have been better than just 2 ticks. Not the first and certainly not the last time, I make this comment. Incidentally, George V, based on KING ideas was released just yesterday and it scored 22 ticks right out of the gate, so to speak. Not bad. You can get it for only $75 if you buy KING. 


My I-like-to-wear-shorts ES change

Yes, all trades on the short side and it was a very good bias at that time, and, in fact, for the rest of the daily session. I was pretty preoccupied with other things, though, and so did not take as many trades as I could have and those I did take were rather cautious. I am launching George V in 2 days and still thinking about adding one more strategy to it. But, I think it will only be added to its second version, as the first one is already finished. This strategy would have proven very useful today.


My look-ma-yet-another-good-month-coming ES change

Yep, and I should also add that this nice result was accomplished on a Monday. Not only is this the shortest month of the year, but it also started on a Monday. Where is Congress when we need them to do something? No month should start on a Monday. This sends a wrong message to the nation that they can slack for a whole freaking month. Plus, it is totally unfair to February to be shorter than other months. Looks again like the Civil Rights struggle was for nothing. Make this month at least 30 day long, dammit. So it does look like a good start of yet another month. You won't see too many screenshots here this month as I am going to be pretty busy with a few important things. George V will be released soon, just putting final touches on it, and then I want to release Version 2 of KING. But, on the other hand, I have posted here so many shots like that that for those who have brains and guts this should be enough already. Incidentally, the last trade could have been a very decent 2 pointer. I knew it had a greater potential, but how greedy can you be? Half a grand in about 90 minutes with 1-3 contracts is a pretty good result if you ask me.


My generally-no-complaints ES change

That last trade could have been a 2-3 pointer (yep, again) per contract, but that's a minor thing considering that I did pretty well overall never using more than 2 contracts per position. That's the 10th screenshot this month and most likely the last this month. Each month I will try to show you 5-10 shots like that representing a sample of my daily trading results. More than that would be too boring... There are plenty of them on this site already and the longer I do this the more bored I get. I doubt I will be doing it next year. So enjoy it while it lasts... And that $850 for KING will not last forever either. Last night I dreamt of the price tag of $1200. My dreams do come true quite often... KING may reach this price even this year.


My I-should-have-been-greedier ES change

Greed is not always good. But sometimes being greedy can be good. Under right circumstances, that is. Unfortunately, my first attempt today at being reasonably greedy did not go well, I ended up saving my position in a hurry while just a few minutes before I could have easily closed it with over $100 in profits. That sort of affected me for the rest of today's trading and even the last trade, though relatively good, could have been much better (2-3 pointer). Still, all's well that ends well, and in this respect I really have nothing to grumble about.


My volatility-is-back-baby ES change

President Obama decided to go after greedy and irresponsible banks. Well, not a moment too soon. Right after Scott Brown's powerful message in Mass. That brought quite a bit of volatility to the markets today. I have always firmly believed that Mr. Obama would make a good president. For day traders, at least. And it looks like he is fulfilling his promise finally. Also, there is no such thing as a bad Republican. They can be quite useful from time to time. Not too often, which is good too, as them being useful very often would be totally unbearable. See, Voltaire was so right: we do live in the best of all possible worlds. Just read Candide. I thought my first trade would be a 2 pointer. Well, it could have been a nice 4 pointer, but I lost my patience after 20 minutes or so. The market was quite undecided at that point although my instinct was telling me that it would eventually go up. And that's what it did, just a minutes after I had exited my first trade. Well, no one is perfect...


My "you're doing a hell of a job, Brownie" ES change

I hate this rain. Looks like it's going to be raining all the day today. That stinks. I am moving to Massachusetts. That's where America is kicking ass. As an independent, I am always happy when the entitlement hacks lose. Good job, Mr. Brown. The politicians are not entitled to anything but serving the people. For which they get paid, pretty well too, so it's not like they are being exploited. It's the people that are entitled. For instance, the people of California are entitled to a nice weather. If we don't get one in the next few days, Governator must go. Or something...


My "it-never-rains-in-Southern-California"-not ES change

Another rainy day in Southern California. At times it is raining cats and dogs. Well, I am not a big fan of days like that, but rain is needed in Southern California, probably more than in any other part of the US, except for Nevada and Arizona. But I did well on this rainy day. And notice that trade at 15:22. It would have been a neat and quick 2 pointer. I was a bit too shy of targeting 2 points, but could have tried at least 6 ticks. Easy to say in hindsight. Still, over $150 in less than 3 minutes is not so bad either. It was one of those FB formations, and I even had to reverse my position (with a loss, imagine that!) to take advantage of it. Sometimes you gotta take a loss to win on the next trade, especially when the next trade promises to be a good one as FB trades tend to be. 


My tight-ranges ES change

I squeezed some more profits from rather tight ranges, getting lucky once or twice and at least once really unlucky. It was when I exited a short with only one tick of profit per contract and just then, literally seconds after the exit, the market dropped 6 ticks. Gee, that was hard. I was targeting 4 ticks on that trade, but after nearly 8 minutes of virtually no progress, I gave up on it. Bad, bad decision. Oh, well. "Live and learn," as George Costanza (from Seinfeld) liked to say. 


My somewhat shaky ES change

Well, the last two trades could have been 1 pointers quite easily and the very last would even have given me 2 points, that is, had I stayed with it for a bit longer. The market was a bit too much constipated at this point, which annoyed me a little and so I lost my patience too soon. Plus, I have not been feeling too well over the last few days, which was adding an extra layer of annoyance. You don't want to be too annoyed when trading, so I decided to go for rather puny profits. Better puny ones than no profits.


My yet another neat ES change

It's always nice to close your position in under a minute as was the case with my last trade today, although had I held to it for a longer while I would have scored 3 points instead of 3 ticks. Actually, even 5 points was possible. One more evidence that KING entries are far from accidental. 


My pretty-lazy ES change

Well, what can you do. Some days are just more lazy than others. I really was not sure if I should trade today as I had a pretty hectic morning dealing with some urgent matters, but what the heck. Sometimes, increasingly often I would say, trading calms me down, so I eventually decided to give it a shot even though I had less than an hour to go when I was starting. And I really wanted to stick it to Mr. Market, so I was pressing for a 2 pointer on the first trade. I guess I could have scored 6 ticks, but ended up with only 2. I did not care so much, it was pretty much for fun. I knew I would make money on this trade, just did not know how much. It was a good entry and I came only 2 ticks shy off my goal, so I was not disappointed. And then I squeezed out some more from that old bastard (Mr. Market again), but did not have enough time left to get to at least $200 which is a respectable minimum for me.


My nice-2010-start ES change

So, here we go again, now in the New Year. It's 2010 to those who may still be using old calendars. Incidentally, do people even use these things any more? I mean calendars. I know I don't. I only use a computer. It tells me both the time and date. I don't wear a watch, either. I have not for years. I am that freaking modern. Whatever that means. But I still read books. Today was the first trading day of this new year and look what we have here. Of course, another good result. 9 trades, 9 wins. Did you expect a loss? Come on... You need to check out the results from last year to see how impossible a loss would have been. So yes, that's a good start, but then again, based on 2009, what else did you expect? Seriously. I was trading with 1-2 contracts per position only, and not more than 3 times did I use 2 contracts. And yet, today's result is a respectable $200 plus for the day accomplished within less than 90 minutes. Not bad, not bad at all. You know what I did next? I opened a bottle of a very fine Polish beer that is made some 10 miles from the place where I was born. To celebrate my first good day in 2010, and, I am totally positive, my yet another good year in the markets. And another good year for many (I do hope all) of my KING students. You can live in Hollywood but still drink a beer you first drank 30 years ago in a small town thousands of miles away from the Tinsel town. Small world, isn't it? Once again, happy New Year to everyone, to my KING students in particular. I wish you many trading victories in 2010 and I am sure that with KING you will make them possible. Easily. By the way, the last two trades would have been 1 pointers had I stayed in my position a bit longer, but since the market was trading in a range at that time, exiting sooner was the right thing to do too. I trade for a living and not to impress anyone with pretty trades, although with KING you are virtually bound to have great trades time and again.