KING - My e-mini trading results in 2008 - I can do it too!

This section features the first year of my KING day trading results and since KING was launched in October of this year, it is a pretty short one.

I have been very busy putting final touches on the famous KING manual. What, not famous yet? Just wait a few weeks and you won't be able to find a place where people don't talk about it... I am kidding, but not that much.

But even being so busy, I like to take a few trades every day, just so I don't get rusty, not to mention that this is still my main source of income. So I took a few trades today too, this time following very much what I am going to teach in KING. And as you see below the results were quite good, because who can really complain about $200 made in less than half an hour. I know a few lawyers who could kill for a rate like that. But then again, they could also screw you for much less...

Better than lawyers' hourly rate

I think that everyone who takes the KING course should be able to get to the point where making $200-$300 a day is a routine thing, some may experience a few more bumps on the road to this goal than others, but eventually, you should be able to get there. And I am talking about trading with 1-2 YM contracts only. Sure, I know that the fellows who sell those overpriced $7,500 things, trade (or rather show off) with 10 ES contracts during their classes, but how many small traders can afford that size? Not too many, I am afraid.

What I am offering are things that are both realistic and affordable. Things that even Joe the Plumber, the most recent US epitome of a struggling person, can afford. And if you want to see something that looks totally unrealistic yet is still true, check out Katherine's results. Now, if you are as ambitious as she is, you too could be making $500-$1000 or more a day using the ideas of KING. It's mostly up to you.

And here is another screenshot showing my trades that could have been taken by many a trader after the KING course. You can't say that they lack consistency, can you?

Pretty consistent, eh?

And still one more, showing trades taken on the Election Day 2008. Check it out, compare it to the first one here, and see what I mean by "change". It's again a bit over $200 (and that's quite a nice "change"), although this time accomplished trading only with 1 contract in under 15 minutes (!), and that again is quite a change compared to nearly a half an hour it took me the first time around. Would making money like that be a change in your lifestyle? Only you can answer this ...

Change you can believe in...

And finally, one that was taken on the post election day and that shows that "change has come to America." And it's hard not to agree with it, if you notice that this time I made over $200 in just about 5 minutes and thus almost three times faster than before. That's a really nice change.

Change has come to America...

No, I did not take just one trade that day. I usually take about 10 trades every day, if only to stay in a good trading form, but this section just shows a series of pictures illustrating how fast you can get to $200 or better trading eminis with only 1-2 contracts using some of my ideas. The picture you see above shows my first trade that day executed with Bracket Trader, so I was basically done with my $200 a day goal after the very first trade.

And I wish Barack Obama well. I was rooting for him since the day he had announced his candidacy, but considering the serious problems America and much of the world is facing these days, I am not expecting miracles. Not to mention that I like to depend on myself when it comes to making changes in my life; I don't like to be on the mercy of others, governments or politicians, in particular. When you master trading eminis as well as Katherine or me, you too will be pretty indifferent to the proclamations of politicians about "change," no matter what their stripes may happen to be.

And it's a Thanksgiving week again, which means that a New Year is close too. Some people are already mightily worried that Mr. Obama's promise of change is getting changed more and more with more of the same old faces in his cabinet, the old guard from the Clinton era. Well, I for one, remain committed to my change, as I like to call my 200 bucks a day, on a lazy day, I might add. See below another "change" screenshot from a day right before Thanksgiving of 2008. This was definitely enough for two turkeys. Yes, I got two of them for I decided to pardon one of them. For not tasting as good as the first one... And again, as you see, it did not take even half an hour to produce this change. I think Mr. Obama needs to hire my KING students if he is truly serious about change.

Some turkey change

And here comes another picture. See, I have "finally" crossed the $300 barrier. Yay! And it was on the same day (December 3rd) that Barack Obama nominated Bill Richardson as his commerce secretary. Mr. Richardson is another well known member of the Clinton cabinet. Not much of a change here, but at least my change is bigger. And did you notice that I managed to make this change in less than 15 minutes? Back to politics: how come that in a country of 300 million it's so hard to find new people to top governmental posts? Well, the answer is quite simple: with two political parties that decide the fate of this country, and which differ less and less, it's hard for this to happen. It's a crippled type of democracy that, however, perfectly suits the rich because this way they have to buy politicians from only two parties. But you know what? With KING you stand a pretty good chance to become rich too, so you really don't have to worry about it ...

The real change in response to Mr. Obama's recent "change"

I am sometimes asked if I trade KING. No, obviously not. Why would I? So the trades in the screenshot below did not happen either. The shot was taken on December 17th, 2008. Yeah, sometimes it takes me a whole day to finally get the ball rolling, especially on a gloomy day like that one (rainy and cold), so I started trading only in the last hour of the daily session, but got my change as easily as pretty much always. Now imagine, working for a man and getting motivated the whole day to get your job done. Well, I am afraid that might have been your last day on that job, especially in this economy. See, I like freedom. Freedom is good. Now, how about that Blago guy? I am quite amused by his behavior. He is acting as if corruption was no big deal. And that is exactly the amusing part, because the clueless public thinks that it is (a big deal), while most politicians know that it is not, but only pretend it is. In this respect, I find Blago's attitude quite refreshing: at least he is an honest corrupt politician. Apparently, Mr. Obama had nothing to do with this scandal, which is a good thing, as otherwise, only my change (see the screenshot below again) would be the real thing, but I am not so sure about his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel. Still, I trust Mr. Obama would apply his change thing to Mr. Emanuel had the latter been found guilty of improper conduct, but then again what exactly is improper by the standards of Chicago politics? And that is a really good question, as opposed to whether I trade KING or not.

My change cannot be affected by any Blago guy out there

Another screenshot, this one taken on December 19th, 2008. That was a lousy day. I wasn't very focused and so ended up adding to my position quite a bit, more than one really should, but relying on the indicators and ideas of George IV (and that's why I recommend it for KING), I could afford a greater latitude, and so I escaped pretty much unscathed save for some extra emotions. Now, let's talk some high life again. Mika Brzezinski, a popular TV anchor, and a daughter of an influential political strategist, Zbigniew Brzezinski, has been mugged recently. Or at least that's what she says. Some homeless guy approached her asking for 20 bucks, but she had only six on her, which she was kind (or maybe simply smart) enough to give to him, and then he split. Well, you know, Mika... I like you, you are hot and smart... But, please don't insult those of us who have really been mugged or have mugged someone because that's not what mugging is about... And don't you think you have shortchanged this poor fellow? What are you another Madoff? I mean, 6 bucks?? I hope you gave him your phone number so that he could collect the rest. Poor guy... On a related note, Paris Hilton's house was just robbed to the tune of 2 million dollars. Poor Paris... losing so much without even being mugged must be hard.

My change is 60 times bigger than Mika Brzezinski's change