KING - My e-mini trading results in 2009 - I can do it too!

This section features the second year of my KING day trading results, including the results of several week long periods and many shorter ones.

So the nation has a new president. After only 8 years of incompetence, more than half of it dedicated to the war against the country that never did anything wrong to America, this great land has got itself a new man in charge of its business. The old one is departing and when I reflect upon it, I really don't think it was particularly bright of me to name a family of my mechanical systems "George." After all, George IV is a very fine system. And even George II is smarter than GWB. And thus to compensate for this sad lapse of judgment, I swear to name my next family of systems "Hussein." Seriously, why not? What's wrong with this name? Nothing. Just because it was the name of some bastardly dictator, does not yet mean we should condemn it for eternity. After all, the US invasion of Iraq, for which the departing George will always be responsible, may have done more damage and caused more death among Iraqis than a few decades of Saddam's brutal rule. So "Hussein," a fine Semitic name, which means "good" or "handsome," sounds now surprisingly like a good choice. And that's also the middle name of the new US president. I was watching his inauguration and so took only two trades today (using this also as an excuse for being lazy), exiting the first one right about the time, Barack Hussein Obama was signing his first documents in office. It was a good trade, and I want to believe that it bodes well for President Obama. And if you don't think that a grand that I will soon be charging for KING is worth it, then I am afraid that your name is Cephas or "Blockhead" in Aramaic. I mean this quite affectionately, of course, just the way Jesus did when he called his pal Simon Peter this name. But then again, what do I care. I make money day trading eminis. Do you? Still trying to sue Mr. Market for treating you like crap? You have my sympathy... Never give up. This bastard has to pay. And you know what? He actually has been paying me quite well for quite some time.

My change on the inauguration day (what was yours?)

And on his second day in office, President Obama froze the salaries of some of his aids. Nice move. I like it. And to support it, I decided to unfreeze my trading salary. But then again, maybe not. How much money does one need to make to live a decent life? Not so much. So today, I was pretty much fooling around as usual. I can't call it serious money making. I am sure, you will agree with me when you check out my PL below.

My fooling around change

From time to time, I like to see how well I can do with 10 trades taken by the book, that is, using the KING Basic strategy and targeting 5-10 points. Well, the most recent result, from January 23rd, can be seen below. For simplicity, and in order not to be accused of bragging, I decided to do this with 1 contract only. I did not stop trading at this, though, but took a few more trades, not all of them strictly by the book... Still thinking that $600 for KING is not enough of a good bargain? Well, be my guest...

My trading by the book change

I have been running some bad infection for almost a week now and it started right after the Obama inauguration (talk about being hit by change) that I decided to celebrate with a nice box of ice cream, which I had bought in a wrong place or so it looks, because the day after I started feeling lousy and now I am even worse. Well, it's time to see a doctor. Because of that, I basically did not trade KING today, 1/26/09. I only took three trades, making over $100 within less than 3 minutes squeezing 26 points from a 24 point range. Yeah, who says trading cannot be fun even for those challenged by some nasty virus.

My bad infection change

Unfortunately, this infection turned out to be more prolonged than I was hoping it would. Typically, when I am not well I trade much less than usual and I am happy with $100-200 a day. But today, 1/30/09, I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired because of this stupid virus that I decided to be more aggressive. And what do you know? It paid off. Sometimes the best use you can make of adversity is to use it against itself. To get pissed off at the misery it produces and fight back. That's exactly what I did and had it not been for the fact that I was also eating my brunch when trading, I would have probably scored much better. But who can really complain about three hundred bucks. In less than an hour of work. Especially on yet another miserable day. So while this nasty virus is beating me, I am still beating the market.

My miserable day change

I am slowly recovering from this lousy infection (flu, this time?) and so I continue trading very lightly, but I am doing fine, thank you. Just don't have much time for updating the KING section as I rest a lot, but that gives you the chance to scoop KING up for only $675... The next screenshot is from February 17th. As you can see from it, I am surviving alright, so don't worry that I am charging that little for KING. In a month or two, I will be charging north of $700, for sure. Thanks for your concern, though...

My recovering from infection change

I trade with Interactive Brokers and use Bracket Trader (BT) for my trades. All these pictures above show the bottom section of this fabulous trading interface. However, I may be moving a part of my account to another broker, so I decided to check out NinjaTrader (NT). The very last time I used it was many years ago. It was version 2 then. Now, it's version 6.5. There are big differences between the two, of course. I think that NT is a fine trading platform, although BT is so much leaner and meaner that I would never use NT for my IB account. BT is so much more to my liking, but when it comes to other brokers, NT is one of the best platforms out there. Below, you can see my NT change. Not bad at all even after deducting $5 for commissions... Since it was my very first time with NT after many years of not using it, I made quite a few mistakes that affected my overall performance. Still, I don't think I could possibly complain...

My change on the NinjaTrader simulator

There are days when I don't trade until the last hour of the trading session or even a bit later. I already talked about one day like that before (December 17, 2008) wondering if I could keep my job working like that for someone else. I doubt it... But since I work for myself, and not for some retarded boss, I may start working whenever it pleases me and may end up working whenever it pleases me, which sometimes means working only 15 minutes a day, but as long as I can pocket my standard lazy change of $200 or so, I think I am doing fine. That's what happened on February 27, 2009 (see the next shot below). I am not always that lazy and sometimes it's simply because I am not totally well, but I really don't feel bad about it any more. I used to when I was starting trading eminis. I thought I should trade like 6 hours a day. These days, an hour or two is all I can do (or stand). At least when it comes to the discretionary trading. More is not always better, and being relaxed is more important in this business than working hard. Or at least this is what seems to be working for me. But then again, maybe I am just lazy?? Now, that's one really scary thought...

My standard lazy change

And today, March 18, I tried NinjaTrader for a change again, mainly to show you more than I can do with Bracket Trader. Yes, NinjaTrader is a very fine software, but having traded for so many years, I tend to be a simpleton these days, so BT is just fine with me and I am very much used to it. When I was starting trading, I bought myself 3 monitors as that's what a respectable trader should be using, right? Well, guess what? These days I use only one monitor and I am doing better than ever. So there is hope for those who don't know how to hook up three monitors to a computer or who don't have enough space on their desks to do so. Day trading is not that hard, it just takes some time to master it, but if you don't give up too easily, then with a solid trading methodology (KING, anyone?), you can make a living with one computer and one monitor. Success in any field is always about the same things and the most important of those things is commitment. No shiny things will replace it. Okay, so now here are the results...

My change on the NinjaTrader simulator again

And here is another cool picture that shows a bunch of trades I have taken today.

A few of my trades today on NinjaTrader charts

These trades were taken pretty much by the book, which is not what I always do. And if you want to see a whole battlefield, then check out this picture. Now, this is what I would not be able to show you with BT, which I use for my trading. But as I said, BT is all I need. Plus a computer and one monitor.

My post holiday change

While many nations in Europe celebrate the Monday after the Easter Sunday as a holiday, in the US, the post-Easter Monday is a work day. So today, April 13, I was working too, 2 hours or so, more or less the length of my typical trading day. I did better than okay, as anything over $300 a day is certainly good, but I was a bit rusty after a few days without trading (I took a few day break because of Easter) and ended up using more contracts then usual to get what, most of the time, I get with fewer contracts. That's why a regular practice is so important. I keep stressing it to those interested in KING, and guess what? Whenever I mention the word "practice" I never hear back from them. Looks like this word is to some yet another 4 letter word.

My Monday change

Mondays are ... well, Mondays. I tend to be lazy on Mondays and I don't think I should apologize for that. I was also busy with other things... so perhaps I was not so lazy, after all. And what this also means is that KING can be quite good for the lazy out there, provided they are willing to learn it first. Then and only then you can afford to be lazy. Not a moment sooner. That was the Monday on April 20, 2009.

My I-have-not-forgotten-it-yet change

See, I can still do those quick 10 trade wins in a row with 1-2 contracts for a cool $200 or so. Five out of these 9 trades didn't last even a whole minute. That's the power of KING, folks! And so we added yet another nice screenshot to our collection, this one taken on April 22. I then did some paper trading on a NinjaTrader simulator, if only to promote this platform a bit here. This month the NinjaTrader indicators for KING have been released, and you can see how fabulous they are right here. And below you can see my today's NT result.

My other change on the NinjaTrader simulator

My I-made-a-mistake change

This 15 tick loss was due to a mistake. I wanted to add to my position, but instead closed it. But I still did okay. That was not the end of trading for me that day, April 23, 2009, just my first 10 trades.

My just-eking-it-out change

That was a slow day, this Friday, April 24, 2009. I was not at my best, so I just kept on eking it out. E-king it out with KING. As you see you can make money this way too. That was not the end of trading for me that day, I am just showing you my proud $200 change. That's what this section is primarily about. Making $200 a day with 1-2 YM contracts using the KING methodology. Still not convinced you can do this too? Well, then you are right, because as Henry Ford once said, and I love to quote it, "whether you think you can or you cannot, you are right."

My swine-flu-scare change

I hate pigs! And Mondays... Well, this Monday, April 27th was just fine. I hate Mondays in general, though.On principle. One has to have some principles in life, right?

My building-swine-flu-resistance change

Wally:16, Pigs: 0. Take it, pigs! You stand no chance.... These trades took place on April 28th. Notice how I ended up on a high note: 3 winners of 10 points. Notice also that the trade at 14:20 would have even given you 40 pts had you decided to stick to it, trailing it with the PSAR. Which means that KING trades are hardly random events.

My these-pigs-are-making-me-thirsty change

Another day, April 29th,and another good one, the pigs scare notwithstanding. I borrowed "these pigs are making me thirsty" from Seinfeld ("these pretzels are making me thirsty"), my favorite TV show.

My no-pig-will-ever-spit-in-my-face change

Well, April 30h was good too and it seems that my upbeat attitude has slowed down the swine flu progress or at least it has slowed it down quite a bit. Okay, maybe some other people contributed to it too, but where are their results? Yes, show me the freaking results!! Because I do post mine here religiously, so no one can doubt I am fighting this piggy scare rather well. Or something. Now, seriously, though, it was another good day and that breakeven trade was a mess-up. I wanted to adjust my position, so I closed it, but I closed it exactly, to the second, the moment I got filled. That annoyed me a bit (I don't like to pay my broker for nothing) and so I missed a good trade. It was one of those Pure Evil trades, good for a solid 10 pts. Well, sometimes, being choosy is not such a good idea. But notice also that except for that breakeven trade that lasted a fraction of a second only, the remaining trades shown in the picture did not take even 30 seconds. Or in other words, they lasted as long as the whole swine flu. Okay, approximately...

My give-me-some-swine-flu-already change

May 1st, the last day of the week, meaning yet another Friday, and Fridays suck. They are as bad as Mondays, although I can tolerate them better because they mean that the weekend is about to start. Which is good news. Well, only two minor losses today, one accidental (that woke me up for good), the other more serious, which could have been handled better. At least in hindsight, but hindsight is always 20/20. So, overall, not a bad day and a very good week. And did you notice how they changed the name of this flu from "swine flu" to "Mexican flu." Obviously, you cannot hurt feelings of poor pigs. After all, some of them can even be pets. I only don't understand why it took the PC brigade so long to make this change. Way too long. And since Mexicans are no pets, they also have no rights to decide what this freaking flu should be called. Meanwhile, Egyptians took in earnest to slaughtering of pigs. They used to have some civilization down there. Like only 3,000 years ago. No wonder the stable peace in the Middle East is impossible. Too many slaughter happy people.

My yet another good change

May 21st, 2009 was a good day, as you can see from the screenshot right above. I have not posted in this section for a while, having been busy with other stuff, but I am still doing okay. If not better. Thanks for asking. Notice that the last trade featured in the shot above did not even last a full minute and that's the type of trades I really like. And who wouldn't? I missed some good 10 pointers being a bit too cautious today. I wasn't at my best mentally because of some problem that I am dealing with, but sometimes, at least for me, the best way to shake problems off is by trading. Trading empowers, at least those who treat it like a challenge and are good at it. Try it next time you have a problem. Preferably, using KING ideas. It takes time to be as good as I am, but some of my students would probably say that not that much. Yet this varies and no one can predict how long it may take you to become as good as the best of my KING students, but this is certainly possible. Today George IV was active, and days like that tend to be good in terms of volatility which always helps with scalping.

My yet another "bad day" change

That screenshot was taken on June 2nd, 2009. I was not particularly happy with my trading that day. I started with the longest scalp in my trading career (kidding, but it was a lousy one), which I really had to turn into at least a 5 pointer as exiting with 2-3 points simply did not seem good enough. Well, I knew I was on the right side of the market, so I eventually prevailed. And the second trade really pissed me off because I was aiming at a 10 pointer and had I stayed in this trade for only 2 minutes longer, I would have squeezed even 15 points. I knew it was possible, but probably got tired of staying that long in my first trade, and so got a bit impatient the second time. Well, on the positive side, I got one trade that did not last even a full minute and decided to stop right after that. I could have done better, but I guess I was not particularly focused. Well, so you see now that even on a relatively poor day, you can still make a decent living. And with just a few contracts.

My little experiment change

Well, okay, can you guess what this experiment was about? Probably not. The first two trades were in the old contract, June 2009, not the September one. Yes, you can still trade it, even though most traders, and probably all day traders, switched to the September contract by now. In fact, most day traders have most likely done that last Thursday already, on the rollover day. Apart from that, there is nothing particularly noteworthy about this shot. These trades were taken on June 16th, 2009.

My no little experiments change

Now, these are some really neat trades, pretty much by the book. The second one, if I remember it well, is of the SP variety, about a minute in duration, the other ones are very much in the KING spirit of going with a strong trend. I did not stop trading at this point, I am showcasing just a part of my trades, the most interesting one. And I see no reason to brag how well I did for the day because that's not what this section is about. But I did very well, so thanks for asking. Notice 2 trades that took less than a minute, and one that took one minute and one second. Gee, that was so close. That's what you can do with KING. Yes, it takes some practice, although some of my students have succeeded pretty fast, and some even amazingly fast. And that's true about almost anything else that makes you good money. Meaning, practice is the best way to become that good. If not the only way. Of course, you need to do your homework first too. These trades were taken on June 17th, 2009.

My little wonder trade change

Yep, that's the last one: 10 points in 30 seconds! See, you can still get 10 pts even in this congested and shaky market. Only with KING and only in, like, seconds. Well, I admit I got very lucky here, in part because I was trading with one contract only, but you could have repeated this feat just a few minutes later by sticking to the same trend direction and even if it would have taken you a few minutes to collect your 10 point profit it would have been a very solid reliable profit, easy to accomplish even with multiple contracts. Sometimes you want to probe the market with just one contract and then attack it with many more. It's called varying your trade size. Well, that's the memo about a part of my today's trading adventures with KING. These trades were taken on June 18th, 2009.

My pitiful Friday change

"Pitiful" is how I describe my trading on Fridays. More often than not, that is. It just does not feel the same way as on other days, even Mondays can sometimes be better. Fridays suck. Well, so here I am complaining about making over $300. Hmm..., but Fridays do suck. Trust me. For instance, today (did I mention it was Friday?) I squeezed 2 one-pointers from the trades that looked like ten-pointers at the time I was entering them. And they did turn out to be ten-pointers! So why did I abandon them so fast? Because it's Friday!!!

My pretty holidayish change

It felt very holidayish today, meaning slower than usual on Mondays. I may trade only one more day this week. Then I am taking a break, a longer break from trading, until at least August. I did not take a summer vacation last year because of Katherine and KING (not that I complain), so this year I definitely need one.

My totally holidayish change

So I am closing my trading business for a month. Today, June 30th, 2009 was yet another good day, but I could barely squeeze $200. When it feels so holidayish, you just can't trade at your best. Last year, I took a longer break (for a week or so) around this time too and so did Kathy, who was my mentee at the time. And it served both of us well.

My totally experimental change

Technically, I am still on vacation, at least from trading, and that may last until September, but I am not on vacation from KING and since I am getting a lot of questions about it, I decided to show you today, July 29th, 2009, how adding to the position can help you in your trading. I admit that my first trade was a bit reckless and I barely squeezed some profit out of it, quite luckily too, but everything else was pretty much okay, and in 5 out of 7 cases was just good, meaning only one more entry could have been done by me a bit differently, that is if I had the benefit of hindsight. But I could have improved exits a bit. Still, you don't have to be perfect to make money with KING. In some of these cases, the market gave me no chance to add to my position (hence only one contract), in others it did and I even chose some of these trades in such a way as to have this option, which also explains why my first trade was a bit reckless. That's because I was planning to add to my position, so was not necessarily focused on choosing the best entry point, but merely a good opportunity to add to the position. As you can see then, there is absolutely no reason to fear that adding to the position can expose you to some systemic danger. Adding to the position can be helpful and it's worth practicing. That does not mean you have to use it, some of my clients featured in the KING Hall of Fame prefer not to do it, and they still do fine, others like using it. I think that's one more testimonial to the power and versatility of KING.

My still-on-vacation change

Even though I am still on vacation, sometimes I can't resist taking a shot. Today, August 7th, 2009, I had George IV on my side and these can be the best days to trade, so I decided to take a better-late-than-never shot and managed to get over $200 in just one trade, which was probably a bit risky, but than again, once you have spent enough time playing this game, you can judge risk intuitively and when you learn to trust your intuition, more often than not those seemingly risky trades turn out to be quite profitable. Being aggressive is not necessarily a bad thing in trading. So, that's the memo. Enjoy your weekend.

My proudly-wearing-shorts change

Yep, still on vacation, but I just woke up today and did not know how to start a day, so I looked to the market for directions and ended up scalping for an hour and a half. Notice two trades that did not last even a minute, the last one a bit lucky if I am to be honest, but if you trade with 1 contract luck is often on your side and fills in YM are better than in ES. Even though the market was mostly trending up today, I was shorting and that's because the market got in a range at that time. But I missed one really good trade on the long side because of that. It could have been 10 points quite easily. Well, so that's all from August 18th, 2009. By the way, 4 days like that and your KING investment (still only $750) is returned with some change to spare.

My vacation proper started a bit later than expected and it is still going on, so I asked a friend of mine to fill in for me for a week to showcase his KING trading skills. He is a part-time emini day trader. He owns a business and he also trades a few times a week, usually 3-4 days only and only 2-3 hours at most. Being an entrepreneur, he likes good challenge and he found that trading eminis is a good way for him to meet it. Outside of his other business that he enjoys too much to pursue day trading full time. He is also a good poker player, but these days he finds trading eminis much easier to fit into his schedule. I met him years ago when I was still wasting my time on some popular trading forum. It was then that I shared my trading ideas with him and a few other people. Two of them, GG, the friend I am talking about, and RK, another forum friend, have become very good emini traders and I hear from them a few times every year. GG even bought a copy of KING, even though I advised him that he already knew most of my KING ideas.

I asked GG to trade one YM contract to see how much he would be able to squeeze out of the market. I did so because I sometimes hear from people who wonder if you can trade KING with only one contract. As GG's trading shows it is possible to trade with one contract only, but using 2-3 contracts allows you to handle more trading opportunities and to do it better. The screenshots that follow show his results. He also trades with Interactive Brokers using Bracket Trader. Back then in 2003, there were not so many emini brokers who could compete with Interactive Brokers, so most of my friends from those days trade through Interactive Brokers.

GG's guest appearance #1 - 9-21-09

GG's guest appearance #2 - 9-22-09

GG's guest appearance #3 - 9-23-09

GG's guest appearance #4 - 9-24-09

GG's guest appearance #5 - 9-25-09

Let me comment on these results. The last day he broke the rule of trading with one contract only. I told him that whenever he thought that using 2 contracts was necessary to make money on a trade he should do it. Two times that day he did it being forced by his less than perfect entries, and the very last time he did it just to make money. After two failures of sticking to only one contract he decided that the third one was okay, too, as long as it was likely to make him money. The net result is that trading with only 10 contracts altogether he made more money in fewer trades than trading with 11 contracts on Monday. Since he usually does not trade on Fridays, one can understand why he was not able to keep his focus as sharp as during the previous 4 days. So, can you trade KING successfully with 1 contract only? Yes, as long as you can maintain sharp focus and since this can be a bit challenging at times, using 2-3 contracts to build your position makes more sense. You will find out, though, that adding to your position is necessary maybe about 20% of the time. GG's worst result was recorded on September 22, but when you see this 5 minute chart from the time his trading was taking place, you should be able to understand why: he was facing a very tight range and could not do much better with a single contract. As a matter of fact, I suspect that most trading methods would produce a big loss in such circumstances.

My proud and nice ES change

Nice result, isn't it? I usually don't brag about results that nice as I don't want to sound like one of those bozos (AKA losers, Mr. Market ass kissers, or sleazy marketers assuming quite generously there are some that are non-sleazy), you know... But I decided to post this result as it was accomplished in ES that I have not traded for a while. And what a fool I have been! (Still, mind you, not like those bozos!) Because ES is such a great vehicle to trade with KING. I guess I must have forgotten it or perhaps I had not been that good at it before Katherine showed me what was really possible with KING ideas (thanks, Kathy, you definitely are not a bozo or a fool, my dear). So, yes, indeed you can trade ES just fine if not better. And by the way, do you know that $413 is more than half of what I charge for KING (yep, still at $800). Not ready to buy it yet. Still considering one of those overpriced $2000-7500 packages marketed by sleazy bozos? Then, what are you doing here? Oh, and did I mention how great the last trade was? I made an easy 1 point on it, quite fast, and I was expecting to do well on it, but I could have made an easy 2 points too. In less than 4 minutes. Well, I am not a greedy person (see the price of KING), so I don't mind forfeiting 50 bucks. But look at the timing of this trade (the next screenshot). Perfect, isn't? I am not much of a perfectionist, but even I am going to grin for the rest of this week at the very thought of how well I nailed it. Perfectissimo! Or whatever it is that Italians use for "perfection". That's what KING is about. Right trades at the right time. For regular people who do not have to trade 10 contracts to make a living.Now here is something funny or even silly. Do you know that I was trading ES using a 1 minute chart for YM? No kidding at all! Which makes some sense, in a way, because if a trade is really solid, it's going to be solid in both markets that are pretty well correlated. I wonder if I could trade Russell 2000 the same way. Kinda doubt it, but will have to check it one of these days.

Nice timing, isn't it?

And those two lines (cyan and yellow) is what the sleazy bozos would call "top secret." So that they could charge you an extra grand for it. I tell you in KING what they are. No, it's no secret.

My even prouder and nicer ES change

So I did it again. Using the 1 minute chart of YM I traded ES again. How about that? Turns out it can be done quite well. Plus notice another great timing on the last trade that could have been turned into a 2 pointer in just about 3 minutes (check out the next screenshot). But as said yesterday, I am not that greedy... and not that perfect either. So I was kinda daydreaming and that's why I missed adjusting the target to 1 point and ended up with only 3 ticks as the market reached this target in less than a minute.

Nice timing again, isn't it?

Even better timing than yesterday. And I did not stop trading at this point either...

My yet-another-Friday ES change

Fridays, LOL... Days of eking it out. The market stayed in a range most of the time I was trying to squeeze some money out of it, so no wonder that I was having a hard time. But all's well that ends well, as they say. And here is some good news: President Obama just got his consolation prize for losing the Chicago Olympics bid. It's called a Nobel Peace prize. Or something. See, those Norwegians are such sweet and classy people. And bright too. Because they read newspapers. And that's how they found out that Mr. Obama lost his bid in the way everyone in America would like to forget about as soon as possible and so they thought, "Hey, don't we like this guy? How about giving him some consolation prize." Fortunately they had one Nobel still left over and that's what they gave him. Well, obviously it's not the same as Olympics, but what can the guy do? Incidentally, have I ever gotten anything for my Fridays' eking it out? No... Not at all! I think it's about time I too applied for some Nobel Prize. I think medicine is the right discipline here. Or at least, it's the one that comes closest to drudgery. As in "drugs."

My being-lazy-again ES change

So, it turns out that you can still make $200-300 an hour even in this economy. And you don't have to be a lawyer for that. Or some other parasite. Gee, it must be obvious now that I don't like lawyers too much. Just joking. Plus, what do I care... I doubt they could make good customers. They tend to argue a lot, you know... See the picture above? It took me a bit less than 1 hour to make nearly 300 bucks. Who says that making money is hard? Not really, you just need to learn how to do it. Yes, I was being a bit lazy again, but on the other hand, it's another Friday, October 16th, so what do you really expect...?

But I am not done yet. Here is one neat trade that gave me 6 ES ticks with one contract only. That's the first trade today. See below how it was done and how good my timing was again.

Nice timing one more time...

My whatever-it-is ES change

I had to see a doctor in the afternoon, so took fewer trades than usual, but look how nice they are. The first one was a very accidental loser. I messed things up a bit when adjusting the target. Otherwise this would have been another solid 1 pointer. And the last trade could have given me a real tsunami of profits had I held to it longer as about that time the market began its late afternoon drop. The trades were taken on October 21, 2009. And you want to tell me that this consistency that I have been showing you for months is a total fluke? Not a chance! This consistency is the result of mastering trading using KING ideas. If you spend some time with these ideas, you too stand a very good chance to become a very skilled trader. Just like quite a few of my KING students have become within weeks only. Yes, we are talking about a skill here. It's not some system. That's why I call it a methodology, a collection of trading ideas which when mastered can give you this kind of power. To become a surgeon you go to school, then practice quite a bit and years later you become a well trained, very skilled professional. You don't just buy a system to operate a patient. Same with the lawyer. To become a professional in this field you follow a similar pattern as that of the surgeon. Then and only then you can think about handling your clients' cases. And every case just like every surgery is different, if only a bit. And so is every trade or every trading day. So how come that so many people believe that it is just enough to buy a system to become a good trader? Well, I pity them because they clearly are looking for a shortcut where none exists. You want to become good at it, then train yourself using sound tools. That's what KING provides. You spend some time with them, you too can become as good as I am or even better. (Yes, I believe that some of my students are better than me.) That's the simplest way to trading proficiency I know about. And I think I know a bit about trading.

My I-must-be-doing-something-right ES change

I do not often post here results that good. Not because I can't make more than $500 a day, it's rather because this section is dedicated to showing how you can make $200-300 a day trading with 1-2 contracts per trade on average. But who says you cannot make more using my methods? You can. Incidentally, I did not use more than 4 contracts per position today (October 23, 2009) and overall only 20 contracts were used, which is less than 2 per position on average. This is probably the best result I have posted here so far, I may post something like that from time to time to show you what is possible with KING, but this section is really meant for demonstration and not as my track record, so those $200-300 a day that you see here so often may not be that representative of my typical results on a good day. I say this just to clarify things, so that you don't think that making $1000 a day is not possible these days. In fact, not long ago I have heard from Dwight, one of my stellar students (see Testimonials), about his best result so far and it was over $3000 in less than 2 hours! Didn't I tell you just last time that some of my students could be even better than me?How come he is so good? Well, he took KING seriously and mastered it really well. He's been using KING ideas for months already, clearly making great progress. He is nearly 60 years old, but his spirit and passion for learning is that of a 30 year old man. It's hard not to admire that.

My rough ES change

Yes, I made some good money today (10-29-09) again, but I was not trading particularly well and considering how many contracts per position I have used to make this much, I am not so pleased. But I was not feeling particularly well today, so I shouldn't be hard on myself. After all, it's not like I lost or something.

My I-really-hate-to-brag ES change

Don't look at me like that. It just happened. Today, 10-30-09, was simply a very good day. Mr. Market was in one of his best moods ever (for an old mean bastard that he usually is) and everyone was making money like crazy. Not you? Well, I am really sorry to hear that. Maybe, just maybe, you need to get yourself KING. Not that I know for sure. I kinda prefer to have smart clients, meaning folks who can figure it out on their own if KING is any good. It's still only $900, but next year it will be more expensive. See, if you buy KING now, there is a good chance that next Halloween you too will be able to scare your neighbor out of his or her wits with this kind of evil performance. BTW, do you realize how much any of those sleazy marketers would charge for their crapware if they could pull off something like that? Heck, they charge thousands of dollars more already with not much to show for. For the record, I never used more than 3 contracts per any trade and less than 2 contracts per trade on average.And I made the first $200 in under 15 minutes. I did not stop at that, though. I knew it was a good day and so I decided to push harder. Greed is good... but only when you know when.

My Fed Day ES change

Today, November 4, 2009 was one of those Fed days. You know, when those old farts who think they have a clue about how to run the US financial system get together and after deliberating (it's actually more like sharing some more farts and stuff, judging by the quality of their work over the last several years), they toss a coin to decide what to do next. I could do this too. For much less. I could even bring in my own coins instead of stealing them from taxpayers. On days like that, volatility spikes around the time of Fed announcements. Volatility is good for trading, no doubt about it, but trading around news like that is a bit hazardous. A bit too much of a gambling, so unless you know how to do it, you are better off to stay put around that time. But if you know how to handle it, then you can do well. It's a skill, but since KING is very much about developing this kind of skill (it's called "trading"), you should be able to capitalize on events like that after mastering KING well. But if you are new to this game, being cautious makes a lot of sense. That's simply a wise thing to do. I did not have to be very cautious and so I did well today, thanks for asking.

My very-slow-day ES change

Mondays can be slow, at least for me. And today, November 9, 2009 was one of those slow Mondays. I started it rather late and then spent a lot of time in one trade that eventually hit my target, but only after an hour or so. The other trades were faster, but not much to brag about.

My poor-luck-day ES change

I started trading rather late today, November 10, 2009, after 3 PM EST, being busy with other things earlier during the day and almost got to $200, which was my target. Almost meaning that I missed a very good trade. See this trade at the very bottom of the shot? This was supposed to be a one point trade with 2 contracts, but when adding to the position, I accidentally closed it. And right then the market moved very quickly over two points, leaving me quite angry. It was a pretty good Flat Base type of setup, to those who know what I am talking about, meaning the KING owners. Well, on the positive side, the last three trades did not last even a whole minute each. Alas, they gave rise to small profits too.

My taking-it-easy ES change

Less than half an hour of work today, November 11, 2009. And I even got up earlier, mainly to scare my neighbors. They probably thought they saw my ghost seeing me around so early. I am a famous night person in this area. Or so I think. I did not do any poll on what others think, so don't quote me on that. It's only a half an hour of work because I promised my doctor to avoid stress as much as possible. She thinks that day trading emini futures is very stressful. Well, like compared to what? Compared to working for some stupid idiot or some other schlep or schlemiel? (And we all love Yiddish, don't we?) Hmm... I really don't think so...

My Friday-13th ES change

Who says that all Fridays are bad? Today was 13th (of November, 2009) and a Friday, to boot, and yet I did pretty well. Much better than yesterday when I made only a bit over $120 (yes, I have another screenshot to prove it, just didn't think this was anything to write home about if only because I had to leave home for a doctor's appointment, so I did not post about it here), but overall it was yet another good week as virtually all my weeks are with KING.

My 4-neat-1-pointers ES change

That happened on November 18, 2009. Notice that the last trade did not last even half a minute. Since the holiday season is upon us, perhaps there will be some KING special. Just don't forget to check this site again by Thanksgiving. If you are interested, that is.

My not-feeling-well ES change

Today, November 19, 2009, I spent only 15 minute trading and was not quite sure if I should even bother.Well, I did eventually, aiming at $100 or better. I was not feeling well today. In fact, I was not feeling well yesterday either (which explains why I did not try to push beyond 4 trades), but I thought it would be gone by today. Well, it looks like I am getting a flu or something because today was even worse. It's usually a very good idea to slow down your trading on days when you are under the weather. It's better to make less than to risk a serious loss because of lack of focus.

My bad-headache ES change

I ended this week, and the day (November 20, 2009), on a pretty upbeat note, despite a bad headache I woke up with earlier than I usually do. Because of that I finished much earlier too. I went only after 2-3 ticks today, no 1 pointers, although on two occasions I could have nailed them too. That was overall a pretty good decision, mainly dictated by my continuing flu-like symptoms, as the market was not particularly volatile today. Except in the early morning, which I missed, missing also a very good trade called by George V, a new system to be released in a few weeks. It is meant mainly for those who bought (or will buy) KING before this system is officially released. As of today, the system is up almost 140 pts for the month, so I think that 100 bucks I am going to charge for it is not a bad deal. And don't forget about the KING holiday special. Coming very soon. Using the results of the three sample days from this week, you can figure that I made over $560. That's not the whole story, though, as I traded also on Monday and Tuesday and did fairly well too, but that's not the point. The point is that on these 3 rather poor days, when I was under the weather, I still managed to make what amounts to over $2,000 a month. So is KING worth $900? But then again, this is also possible.

My just-nibbling ES change

There are days, like today (November 23, 2009), that I just go for small bites. I do this often during major holiday weeks, when I am feeling too holidayish to work harder than that. Or when I am not feeling too well. Or when the market is slow. But if you take a closer look at this shot, you will see that I made over 200 bucks in just about an hour. Heck, who needs more... Okay, I can be more ambitious than that, but I can also live on $100 a day. The point is with KING you can be as flexible (or lazy) as you want to, and still do just fine. I missed another good trade in the morning called by George V that would have given me over $100 with just one shot. Well, I am really not a morning person, but as I said, KING is flexible, so you totally don't have to get up at 6 AM if that's not your cup of tea.

My pretty-round ES change

Today (November 24, 2009), I was nibbling again. In part because I am running a KING holiday special and replying to a lot of email. Yes, your last chance to brag how smart you were to get this thing for less than $800 is now! Your grandkids will think of you as a hero (or a really wise man or woman) when you tell them that you got that beauty for less than $800. Yep, because years from now it will be much more expensive. If you don't plan on having grandkids, maybe a pet will do. Hey, pretty much everybody knows that pets beat kids in the maintenance department. And they can also be cuddly and furry. Well, actually if your kids are furry, you may have a problem. Not so with pets. So go for pets, okay? Just get KING. Of course, I am just kidding... Nevertheless I still managed to make almost $200 within an hour as you can see here. Just like yesterday. And I even got up around 7 AM, just to catch up with all the email. I am sometimes asked if I have losing days. Yes, I never claimed KING was a Holy Grail. I do. Once, twice a month on average, but I can also have months without a losing day. I don't think it's particularly unusual to be doing so well with KING, meaning some of my clients can do that well too. But I am not saying that this is a rule. Just that it can be done. So now, you have seen another sequence of 5 consecutive trading days of my results. Meaning a full trading week. With all days being winners. Not the first such one, and probably not the last one, either.

My I-need-a-new-monitor ES change

What a heck, I need a new monitor. Now! The old one seems more like a right tool for killing roaches in my apartment than a tool for fast trading. Well, maybe they are not that big. As long as I am not tripping over them, I think I am totally in control. Or something. Just kidding. No roaches, though I am kinda missing them at times. You know, when I was in grad school, fighting them was a bigger challenge than wrestling with Mr. Market these days. And I like a good challenge. Roaches or not. But I still need a better monitor, so today I made just enough money to get one. Actually, that's what I wanted to do, meaning I was aiming at about $125, but like that stupid greedy moron, I ended up with three times that. Some people just don't know when to stop. Well, it's been another hectic day because of KING's holiday special and oddly enough I found that trading can have a calming effect on me. I can't believe I am saying this, but that's what I think is the best explanation for yet another day of my nibbling. Other than getting addicted to it. By the way, that's yet another winning day in a row, too. I am going to be pretty busy in December, so I don't know how much I will be posting in here. I am doing it mostly for fun, anyway. In December, I want to deliver George V for my KING clients, and that means less clowning around here. Of course, next year KING is going to be more expensive, so don't forget to consider its holiday special. Well, it's up to you. I will survive without your 775 bucks, but you may actually start a very rewarding career for just that little. Who knows. Remember, no one can guarantee you anything in this business. Well, with the exception of fake trading gurus and other con artists. And if you need such guarantees, I don't think you are up to the task of conquering the emini markets. All I can show you is that I can do it (hence the name of this section), that some of my clients have been able to do it, and if you join us and have enough guts to earn the glory of being financially independent, you too may become the next KING star. But it's entirely up to you. A year ago, about the time I was launching KING to a first group of students, I was not sure what to expect, to say the least. I had this amazing results of Katherine, but all I could do with it was to refuse to apologize for them to be so good. I was afraid that none of my new students would be able to come even close to replicating this kind of performance, but I knew that Katherine was not faking it. Or, at least, I could find no reason for that. And yet PP and Dick and some others (in the second mentoring session) soon proved that they could do the same. I think the moral of this story is quite simple: the greater the risk, the greater the reward. If you embrace this simple concept, you stand a pretty good chance to succeed in life. Or, at the very worst, you will feel like you are living it. But there is noneed to rush. By all means, take your time. Examine my offer well. I prefer to deal with people who know what they are getting as this always helps down the road. It makes better clients. If I sound like a little hypster from time to time, it's only for fun. Life without fun is not much worth living either. I love mocking sleazy marketers. Okay, I am being redundant. Just marketers. So, that's the memo for today. And since tomorrow is that turkey day again, I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving!

My I-can-be-filthy-rich-too ES change

I woke up today, December 2nd, 2009, and found myself to be totally alive and even refreshed. So I thought that I might do something good today. At least for an hour or so. And that's what I did. I spent an hour trading. I decided to use 2 contracts today as my basic unit to show you what kind of results you can get when you increase your size. The overwhelming majority of shots you see here show trades that start with 1 contract and very often end like that. That's because the main goal of this section is to show you how you can make a few hundred bucks (like $200) a day trading basically with 1-2 contracts. But that does not mean that I always trade like that. My basic trade unit may consist of 3-4 contracts and I may end up with a position of 10 contracts. I don't show situations like that here as KING is meant mainly for small time traders who can afford to trade with just 1-2 contracts, plus what's the point to show off how much I am making. I am doing fine, thanks for asking, but I don't think it's anybody's business to know how filthy rich I am. However, today I decided to show you how much you can improve your bottom line if you increase your size. That's well over half a grand made over just an hour. Who says you have to work harder than that? Now, if I were to trade 4 contracts as my basic unit... well, I am sure you can easily figure out how this could have affected my bottom line. However, the thing that I like most about this business is not really how much you can make in it, but how independent you can become once you have mastered this art. It literally is like pulling money out of thin air. Yes, half a grand out of thin air in just an hour. I don't know of any other business where you could do something like that.

My higher-time-frame ES change

Today, December 3nd, 2009, I was trading with a short bias that was largely justified by a higher time frame that KING uses. In cases like that, I like to build my position gradually and that's how I arrived at 8 contracts at some point. I should have held this position a bit longer, a 1 pt profit was possible here, but with 8 contracts you also don't want to be cavalier either. As yesterday, I was using 2 contracts as my basic size; that 1 contract trade was just an error, fortunately I closed it at a breakeven with some small loss for commission only. This way you got another glimpse into how well you can do trading KING when using a bigger size. I won't be showing many such examples here, as, just like you, I don't like greedy people either. More seriously, I already mentioned more than once here why I usually show trading with 1 contract as a basic unit. The last time was just yesterday. Interestingly enough, after I stopped trading, the market dropped 10 points, so being on the short side today was a very good idea, indeed. And one more indication that KING ideas are not rubbish. Oh, and by the way, KING is still only $775. Just two copies left, though. It does not take a genius to figure out that this is dirt cheap.

My totally-out-of-sync ES change

First of all, I do apologize for this obscenity. President Obama is so right: we should encourage our children to become teachers or scientists (or other kind of suckers he did not have time to name) and not only athletes or bankers. Nor some filthy rich traders, whom he did not mention either, but probably would have had he seen this screenshot. Here is one rather easy way President Obama could truly encourage children to become scientists that seems to have been overlooked: declare NASA too big to fail. And give them a bonus every time their rockets fail to launch. Then even the children of bankers will want to be scientists. Well, probably only the children of bankers. And yes, it is true, as George W. Bush once noted that, "childrens can learn." I promise that this is the last time you see the obscenity like that here. These three days in a row, culminating today, December 4th, 2009, were meant to show you what you can expect from KING if you increase your trading size a bit. Nothing else. That was just it and this demonstration ends here. In future, I won't be indulging in this kind of exhibitionism on this site, unless the results are achieved with just 1-2 contracts per position on average. As was the case in the past. Incidentally, I was totally out of sync today, leaving so much on the table (1-2 points per trade) that at some point, after making over $500, I was about to quit for the day. I was so disgusted with myself. Fortunately, I did not, so now you can be disgusted too. Please, don't hate me...

My just-like-that ES change

I woke up pretty late today, December 8th, 2009, about 2 PM (EST, not PST) and right after that went to work. Without even a breakfast. Don't you just hate it to start working half an hour after waking up. Without even a breakfast. What kind of sweatshop is that? And, by the way, since I am often asked why most trades shown here are taken in the afternoon, let me take this opportunity to assure you that there is no hidden meaning in it, other than laziness. Okay, actually, I am just a night person. If you go to bed at midnight or late, getting up at 6:30 AM (my, PST time) is not always such a cool thing. In fact, I strongly believe that most of the time it is not. But what is really cool about day trading eminis is that you can work your own hours, 1-2 hours is plenty, and still do just fine. It's called "flexible lifestyle." And I like it. A lot. As you can see from this last screenshot, I made a half a grand in just about half an hour. Who can complain about something like that? Any lawyers being paid better? Well, screw you, then. No, it wasn't the end of the working day for me. I can be more hardworking than that, plus it looked like it was a good day, with good volatility, so I decided to stick around for a bit longer. And you know what? I ended up with one of those obscene results that I swore not to show you again. Remember? I said so just last time. Never ever again. Absolutely. No matter what. You will never see it again. Don't even ask. Never. Don't even try. Please stop it. No way I am ever going to show something that obscene again! Okay... here it is. The next to last time. And the last time this year...

My slow December ES change

Well, December 15th, 2009, was not the fastest day to make money in ES, but it still took me only about an hour and a half to make $300 using no more than 2 contracts per trade. And that last trade would have been an easy 2 pointer, too. So, even during these slow December days you can make money with KING pretty smoothly. The second half of December tends to be rather slow, although last year was quite an exception due to unusually high volatility in the markets. It was also the time when all those marketing geniuses came out of woodwork pretending to have spent their whole lives trading eminis and offering their guarantees of easy money to every sucker and their grandma. Guess what? Their guarantees don't look as good as they used to, while KING still delivers. And since I have been using KING ideas for years now, I am pretty confident that KING will continue to deliver for many more years to come.

My being-sloppy ES change

While December 16th, 2009 was even slightlybetter than the previous day, I was being a bit sloppy with my trading today, so ended up using more contracts and taking riskier trades than I should have, in retrospect, that is. Well, all's good that ends good, and so overall it was one of those good days. I am not much of a perfectionist and I don't tend to be sloppy either, but from time to time you just end up like that. Still, KING gives you so many good trading opportunities that even a bit of sloppiness here and there does not pose a serious danger to your trading career. Which is not necessarily true when it comes to many other "systems."

My trading-on-new-puter ES change

I am slowly moving to a new computer. It's been taking weeks already. I decided to create a home network to better accommodate all the files and software that I have been using on the old puter. That's what is taking some extra time and effort, and some learning too, as this is the first time I am doing some networking and want to do it just the way it suits me best, which may not be the easiest one. Nevertheless, December 17th, 2009 was the first day I traded on this new computer, an HP. And I think the result achieved with 2-4 contracts per position bodes rather well for my trading on it in future. Or so I think.

My Mr-Market-is-in-denial ES change

Yes, indeed. Ever since I introduced KING to the public, Mr. Market has been in denial. He simply can't admit that he stands no chance with KING. Well, just too bad. No more trophy wives, I guess. How about you? Are you in denial too? Well, as they say, if you can't beat them, join them. The ranks of KING traders are growing every day. You want to compete with us? Good luck, champ. You will need it. Today, December 18th, 2009, I squeezed some easy money out of this loser again. In just about an hour. Since I did not trade on Monday (I am not a big fan of working on Mondays), the results for 4 days in a row you see here is what I made this week. It's pretty much twice what I still charge for KING. Only because of this Holiday Special. I probably won't be trading any more this month. Just taking a holiday break. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

My competing-with-molasses ES change

Today, December 29th, 2009, I got up earlier because I wanted to see a doctor. Guess what? My appointment got cancelled, the second time in a row! Which, needless to say, pissed me off. The health care in this country went to dogs a long time ago, but I am afraid that after this health care "reform" we will be going to Mexico to get a decent treatment. So, I decided to see what the market was doing. It was not doing anything particularly interesting, but being bored and pissed off, I decided to kill a few hours and see if I could still make some money in this very slow holiday market. Well, as you can see, that was indeed possible, except that it took quite a bit of patience on some of these trades. The market was moving like super-molasses. It took me about 2 hours to squeeze about $300 and I don't think I want to do it again. Not this year. Taking a break till next week.