KING - A pretty good week

That was be a pretty good weeek, no? I thought so too.

Largely courtesy of Mr. Putin. Yep, that would be that balding Russian fellow, rather short, who often runs shirtless around. And sometimes kills tigers barehanded (and shirtless, of course, too), which is merely one of many feats he can perform shirtless.

Putin flying a crane

Putin riding a cat

Meanwhile, the Russian tigers, currently the smartest mammals in Russia, are moving to China en masse. One of them, recently caught by Chinese border guards and sent back to Russia, had this to say when interviewed by a Russian TV.

"I mean, fuck it! I am sick and tired of Sarah Palin spying on us from her porch in Alaska. I want a normal life!"

So that migration has absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Putin's less than friendly actions towards tigers or the state of the Russian economy. Not at all! Those are just usual CIA lies.

Posted on December 15th, 2014.