KING - Contests

The main KING document is its manual. The material in the manual (version 2 released in late March 2011) is organized in several sections. I list them below.

0. Update.

1. Introduction.

2. Chart templates and indicators used in KING.

3. Price action elements used in KING.

4. Quiet Zones, Windows of Opportunity, Flat Base, and Pressure Indicators.

5. Basic KING strategy.

6. Other KING strategies.

7. Mastering the mental aspects of trading.

8. Common trading pitfalls to be aware of.

9. KING package contents.

The manual for Version 2.0 has been thoroughly revised and updated and so have other major KING documents, with a few new added to make your study of KING easier and better organized.

There is more than just one good strategy in KING, although there is a pretty heavy emphasis in it on the basic strategy, a quick scalping strategy that should make you a winning trader.

But if you are not into frequent scalping for small profits (5-10 ticks in YM), I believe that you can still find KING useful for it contains also good strategies that aim at capturing a slightly bigger profits. Those can be successful too depending on market's volatility.

And unlike many other products of this type out there that often offer rehashed overused things, not infrequently of questionable value, a great deal, perhaps even most of what you will find in KING is my original work, even though all indicators are standard and have been used by others for years. It's how you use them, how you combine them, and not whether they are standard or not that makes all the difference. Trading is primarily about ideas.

The original chart templates offered with KING are for Sierra Chart, but you can also get custom designed indicators for both Sierra Chart and NinjaTrader 7 as well as for TradeStation and MultiCharts for an extra $75. Since the indicators are standard, they can be used with other charting packages such as Amibroker.