KING - Mentoring

KING - New Formula now includes optional individual mentoring on the KING educational forum. It is an extra $1,000 (but only $600 in 2015), and that's quite a steal compared to many other mentoring courses out there. You will find more about it in a KING - New Formula PDF file dedicated to this issue. The mentoring program also entitles you to the materials from the third KING mentoring session ($300 if sold separately) mentioned below that took place in 2010.

KING was launched in November 2008 and this launch was accompanied by a 4 week long mentoring session. All this for only $600. I don't think you will ever get this sort of deal again. I don't even think anyone ever offered anything of this sort as most emini courses like that cost well over $1000 and may not even include mentoring, let alone 4 week long mentoring.

Following this, I offered another mentoring session, early in 2009, but this one lasted only 2 weeks, which was long enough. Its price was included in the price of KING, still only $600. All the materials from these two sessions are available to KING owners.

I decided to continue offering at least one mentoring session a year, if there is some interest in it. That means at least 5 willing participants. The session will be a week long (5 trading days) and will cost $300 per person.I think that's long enough to give you a good idea of how to trade with KING.

In 2010, I plan to hold another mentoring session, this time in December. I decided to offer it for only $250 as long as there are at least 4 good people ready to take it. I can do it for 3 only (the absolute minimum), but they would have to pay $300 for it.

That's the deal I am unlikely to ever repeat, meaning that the next time I will hold a similar mentoring session for 5 or more people only and the price will be 300 bucks.

For those who bought KING for $1200 or more, I will also offer a discount of $100, so you can get to attend the session for only $150. Again, I will not repeat this offer in 2011.

Prior to the session, you will receive some materials, a set of 5 Word documents, that will outline in detail what the session will focus on.

Since KING is a discretionary trading methodology to become good at it, you need to learn how to recognize the best trading opportunities during the trading day, you need to become an effective stalker. That's what the session will mainly focus on and during it I will talk about how I approach stalking the market.

Some of the stuff will be a repeat of what is in the KING materials available to everyone who bought KING, but applying it to the most recent trading day should help you learn KING more effectively. That's the main purpose of the session, that is, to help you with learning, to speed up or jumpstart your learning process.

To add some extra value, I will also include new ideas in the materials for the session that I don't talk about in the KING materials available to all KING owners. These new ideas will be available free of additional charge to those who take the mentoring sessions. They may be available only to those who participate in sessions like that.

Here is what Dave, one of the first KING students, known also as the first Canadian KING graduate, has to say about his experience during the first KING mentoring session. I hope this will encourage you to give the next session a try.

"I told you before but I'll reiterate it one more time...your methodology and tutoring exceeded my expectations." - Dave