KING - Preview

This section features a number of videos starting as early as 2008 and ending in 2011. At present, there are 15 of them here, but more videos may be added. If you need more information about KING, I suggest you check out the section with comprehensive results, testimonials and FAQ.

The video that you see right below was shot on September 16th, 2008. It shows two quick scalps, the type of scalps that you can produce using KING ideas. That's how Katherine, my first KING student, trades, too. Yes, you can target more than 5 ticks, but it was easier to shot a shorter video, so I went after 5 ticks. Also, as you will see, the video recording software I was using was slowing charts rather badly, so I might not have been very effective with bigger targets.

It took about a minute to reach the target during the first trade and only a few seconds during the second one. Quick, easy profits!

What follows is a series of 6 videos featuring 6 trades, all recorded on the same day in early April 2010. The recording software was decidedly better than the one I used in 2008, but still a tad of a resource hog on my computer.

Nevertheless, the videos are very realistic, and, as you will see, despite volatility in 2010 being quite subdued compared to 2008, reaching 5 tick targets is hardly any problem with KING even these days. This is highly unlikely to ever change.

If you need a better resolution, I suggest switching to a full screen mode.

Day One - Trade 1

Day One - Trade 2

Day One - Trade 3

Day One - Trade 4

Day One - Trade 5

Day One - Trade 6

Yes, there could be Day Two too, but not until videos like that, except that only for KING students, of educational nature, are released. They are coming soon.

And since the first batch of several educational videos was just released (in early May 2010), I thought I would follow up with Day Two. Here we go then, 3 more videos from some other day in April 2010.

Day Two - Trade 1

Day Two - Trade 2

Day Two - Trade 3

The trading platform featured in all the videos is Bracket Trader. The charts were provided by Sierra Chart. I am a happy user of both.

What follows now is a series of 5 videos showing trading with KING using the NinjaTrader platform and charts that ordinarily, if you are a KING owner, show custom designed KING indicators that produce those cool blue and red bars. You can see the bars, but not the indicators. These videos were shot on the same day in early January 2011. They may be worth watching even for the very cool music they feature, and they are a must if you are a Douglas Adams' fan.

Day Three - Trade 1

Day Three - Trade 2

Day Three - Trade 3

Day Three - Trade 4

Day Three - Trade 5

All the trades shown above, as you have probably noticed, were taken on a simulator. Since I am not a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor), I can only talk about results or pretty much anything else here in hypothetical terms, hence all standard or less standard disclaimers all over the site.

It is also for this reason that I doubt I will ever show here videos with live trades. Not that they would be so different. Moreover, I don't think it's a good idea to mix live trading and video shooting, especially when it comes to quick scalping. You don't want to be preoccupied with anything but trading while trading.