KING - Pictures

This section features pictures of some trades, mostly swing trades that KING generates. The first two follow below. These are Mach 3 sock blowing pictures, so hold tight to your socks or else you won't be able to find them.

They show trades in the category that I named Pure Evil (PE) as they definitely are evil from Mr. Market's perspective. The second of trades shown in Figure 2, triggered a tsunami of almost 300 pts of profit that you would have been able to collect easily had you used an aggressive trailing for this trade. Figure 1 shows a trade that would have generated about 70 pts of profit with a conservative trailing approach.

Pure Evil - Figure 1

Pure Evil - Figure 2

There are 2 good swing strategies in KING. The power of the other one, Continuation Pullback (CP), is shown through two pictures below.

Continuation Pullback - Figure 1

Continuation Pullback - Figure 2

Swing trades like these are easy to identify, the PE trades are more frequent as they don't require a strong trend, but can give rise to one. There can be several good PE trades every day.

The fact that the same methodology can generate quick and frequently profitable scalps of 5-20 pts and bigger profits of 50-300 pts is certainly a great testimonial to its effectiveness and flexibility.

The above pictures came from the very volatile days of late 2008. The first half of 2009 is much less volatile. You can find a few pictures from this period here. A few pictures from the second half of 2009 can be found here and here.

For more pictures from 2009 showing NinjaTrader charts with some signals generated by the custom made NinjaTrader indicators, please see the section for NinjaTrader indicators.