KING - References

This service will be offered when the price of KING is at least $2,000 or so. At the current price of about $1,500, I do not find it warranted as this price is still lower than that of many other similar courses out there that do not offer this kind of service either.

A few of KING students agreed to act as references. I am still treating this experimentally, though. If it works well and it is not a burden on the references, I will continue it.

Even after they had agreed to serve as references, I was still quite reluctant to use them. I was afraid that people most eager to talk to them would be curiosity seekers and other individuals that I do not think are particularly qualified to be my clients. There were also other reasons why I was reluctant to launch this service for good, but that's irrelevant now.

I still believe that for those who are serious about learning to trade e-mini futures and can afford to do it, there is already plenty of evidence that KING ideas work. But if this service can help someone make a more educated decision, it could be worth giving it a try once the price of KING reaches a higher level.