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This section collects some additional material in the form of articles that could be of interest to those prospective or current e-mini traders who are considering purchasing KING, a very fine and popular e-mini futures day trading course. Use the links below to explore more information about KING, e-mini futures trading, and trading life in general. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of what the e-mini trading business is about and how KING can help you in it.

The articles are organized in three sections.

The articles in the educational section are meant to shed more light on KING, its strengths, and on what makes it stand out. You can find here a lot of meat as opposed to the articles in the entertaining section that offer a much lighter, usually satirical, perspective on the trading products like KING, how it differs from them, and on the trading industry in general. All the other articles belong to the inspirational section as they were written largely with an inspiration for the new traders (but not only), in mind, especially for the prospective KING students. This last section overlaps with the other two in that it may combine the elements of those two sections, while not belonging clearly to either of them.

The more recent articles in each section are on top of the older ones.


Why KING is your best bet when it comes to an e-mini futures day trading course. Womansplained (sorry, gents, ladies first) so that every investment non-moron can understand.


Why KING is your best bet when it comes to an e-mini futures day trading course. Womansplained (sorry, gents, ladies first) so that every investment non-moron can understand.

So, how was your Brexit?

While the British decision to leave the EU may not be that good for the Brits nor the EU, it was good for me, nevertheless. One should never miss a good opportunity like that and with KING it can only be a great opportunity for more quick profits.

KING as a trading philosophy

Yet another attempt to explain my approach to day trading e-mini futures that is a philosophical foundation of KING.

"KING - New Formula" has been released

Four years after its second major upgrade, another major version of KING has been released. It contains much more compared to its predeccesor, including custom indicators for three different charting platforms, not to mention over 20 new text files.

Tweeting e-mini futures trading results for two years now

I started tweeting my e-mini futures trading results two years ago, on May 21st, 2013. Two years later, it appears, that I am still a lone wolf among the trading vendors in this respect. They somehow prefer to tweet everything but their trading results in real-time.

Trading setups are not a highly effective style of trading

Discretionary trading as practiced by yours truly, who sometimes thinks that he is the only man in the Universe that understands what discretionary trading is about, and why it has rather little to do with setup trading, the latter being heavily promoted by the usual suspects and their fellow sociopaths as a dumbed-down version of discretionary trading.

KING New Generation (or finally an e-mini futures trading course priced right!)

KING New Generation is what you have been waiting for. It has everything, including a neat trading forum, and even the right price, still lower than most other trading educators out there charge for their services, which may deliver less (for instance, in terms of tutoring).

KING - NQ, ES, YM or still something else?

The KING e-mini day trading methodology was originally designed for YM, which seems to be the ideal market to trade with it, but that does not mean that other markets are not suitable for it. On the contrary, you can trade many of them, and not only the US futures markets named in the title of this article, but other futures and non-futures markets as well.

How to make $200 with only one or two Dow e-mini futures contracts

An illustration of sorts and a reminder that it is still possible to do well with KING using only 1 to 2 contracts just as it was possible for Katherine and many other KING students. The larger your account, the better, but even those on a relatively tight budget stand a chance to succeed with KING.

How to spoil a perfectly good 24

Well, not really. I mean it mainly in jest, but read on because it's not every day that you can take 24 trades let alone "spoil" them.

KING's future revisited

What else is in KING's future? Still quite a bit despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of KING's copies have been sold already.

Is your e-mini trading "teach" that good?

I doubt it.

Posting e-mini trades on Twitter

Since May 21st, 2013, I have been posting some of my e-mini futures trades on Twitter, usually within 1-2 minutes of their completion. There are not many traders out there who do that and probably not a single other trading vendor has embraced the idea of showcasing their trading skills or ideas this very way on Twitter.

Kick-ass e-mini futures trades

I think you will like this screenshot. It shows a bunch of neat trades, more powerful than usual with the total profit also way above the daily average of the trades I show in the daily e-mini trading results sections.

Some comments on my e-mini futures trades

About some patterns that you can find in my e-mini futures trades that have been showcased on this site for quite a while now.

Best e-mini futures trading results of 2012

The cream of the crop in 2012 or my best emini trading results with KING in the year the world was supposed to end. Again.

Quickies or fast e-mini futures trades

Who doesn't like a quickie, right? Just to be perfectly clear, though, by quickies here I mean fast e-mini futures trades, like those that many a KING trader should be well familiar with. And not some other thing.

Some explanation of my e-mini trades

A brief note on how to read some of my trades correctly and on conspiracy theorists because I just could not resist.

Magic indicators

Setting the record straight on the "magic indicators."

Is KING right for the newbies?

Yes, very much so.

Version 2.0

Pretty much two years after the first public release, the second version of KING has been released in March 2011.


Prices often go down, but only on the products widely used, such as, for instance, computers. When it comes to emini trading courses, this is rarely ever so.

What's in KING's future?

The future is always uncertain, but you still may want to know what I intend for KING in the months or years to come. Briefly: it's going to fly high.

And the rest is history ...

As the popular line goes ... See what it means when it comes to KING. Yes, it's that good.

What's so special about KING?

If I were one of those marketing bozos masquerading as traders and calling themselves trading gurus, you would hear that KING is world's eighth wonder. Instead, my short answer to this question is simply: "nothing." But it is from the long answer that you will learn how KING is really different from all the bozo stuff on the market.

So how really good is KING, again?

This brief article sheds some more light on it.

Are you a stalker?
So how does it feel to be a loser? Well, let's ask Mr. Market. He's got no chance with KING.

George IV versus KING

How George IV compares to KING and why you may want to buy it along with KING too.


Here I recount the story of launching KING by releasing it to my George IV clients after testing it on one formidable lady, Katherine, the first KING super trader, but hardly the last one.

Is it for you?

I like to approach trading as a challenge. I suggest you do the same. Why? Because it works. And when I wrote this piece, still a few weeks before launching KING to my George IV clients, I did not know that it would work very well for them too. So yes, challenge yourself!


People ask questions about KING

Another e-mail with my elaborate response to some prospective KING buyer, who became a buyer, which means that he probably appreciates my honesty.

Some recent emails or what's going on

No, KING is not dead and some people are doing just fine with it.

Mark is back!

Commitment pays off. Mark is a walking example of that.

22 trading result updates out of 25 trades or my newest daily tweeting record

My newest tweeting record revisited with 22 tweets embedded for your viewing pleasure. Unlikely to be beaten by me any time soon, perhaps ever.

Is it dumb luck?

Another little success story of a total beginner to day trading e-mini futures marred by his doubts a bit too.

Truth versus lies

Some people tell the truth. Others lie. Some people learn well. Others suck at it. I prefer those telling the truth and those who can learn well. If you wonder why, check out this piece.

"I earned a lot of money with King"

Yes, some people can do very well with KING. More people could be doing that well, but for some even mastering NinjaTrader becomes an obstacle too big to overcome.

Are you trading e-mini futures like a lion?

Still trading e-mini futures like an ass? Well, there is a better way to do so, not to mention that being an ass ...

20 full weeks of e-mini futures trading results

You can do well with KING even on the days you may be struggling with your health. But, obviously, it's better to be healthy than sick and wealthy rather than poor.

Triple your money back guarantee

Not from me ... But I explain why. I wish those eager to make guarantees explained their rationale as well, but that's a tall order.

Giving thanks to my KING students

Without them KING would have never become what it has become. Thank you, folks!

Can you make money with KING?

Can you? Let me give you just one more example. Of someone who is planning to switch to day trading full time.

Two types of trading ideas

Yes, Virginia, there are only two types of trading ideas, or methods or systems, for that matter.

Replying to David's emails

David, a prospective KING client from Indonesia, asked a number of questions some time ago. You may find my replies to these questions useful and with that in mind, I decided to share them here.

Full Disclosure

The "too goodest to be true" you have ever seen.

Emails to prospective clients

Here are some emails to my prospective clients which may give you a bit of an insight into how I advise people who contact me about KING.

The price of being great

Right now, it's basically $1200, small fluctuations notwithstanding. It's the price of KING.

$200 in 10 minutes

Or how you can beat lawyers at their own game, except that competing fairly.

Better than a perfect ten

There are good results and then there are excellent results. With KING, once you have mastered it, the latter are the rule rather than exception.

Be the best

Apparently, no one is ever completely useless as they can always serve as a bad example, but that's not what I would like my KING students to aspire to be.

Two keys to success

"Oh, no... Not yet another long article." Well, I hear you, but you know what? I don't force anyone to read what I post here, but if you don't read this one, you will suffer for the rest of your life. You may even die prematurely. Or your wife or other significant one will dump you. Or your cat will abandon you. Or... well, you get the picture. But let's not forget the positive side too: you may actually learn something from it. Heck, you may even enjoy it. It's free too and I even don't pretend to be a guru. Actually, I believe I should be paid for that. For not pretending to be a guru, that is.

The biggest e-mini trading mistake

Yes, it's that serious. I do think that this can be the biggest obstacle to one's trading success whether it comes to trading emini futures or some other markets.

Larry Williams, a futures trading legend, endorses the blockbustiest emini trading methodology, KING!

Uhm ... Let's see ...

How I am not a guru or do you want to feel empowered?

Are you looking for a guru? Wrong place, I am afraid, but do you really need a guru? I don't think so.

Want Honesty?

Why Goethe, a German poet, writer, and scientist, was so much ahead of most wannabe traders already 200 years ago or so? And why I list commitment as the most important thing if you are serious about your day trading success.

Recession ... What Recession?

Why this recession can be as good a moment to start your day trading business as any other and why you probably will not worry about the next one. Based on my own experience, as someone who launched his day trading career during the previous recession (in 2002).


A pretty good week

Indeed, a very good one, in part due to some funny Russian fellow who just keeps on making the markets volatile. You can't help but love the guy, especially in his shirtless incarnation.

Competition? What competition?

How does the competition stack up against KING? Well, here is some sample, rather small, but you may find it interesting.

A sore loser who threatened me

On some vendors and other Internet sociopaths or the price of being successful, the price being that sooner or later the losers, especially those with a hateful bent and even more so if they compete with you, will not forgive you it, it being your success, them still being sore losers.

$1200 - the most attractive price in the Universe for a comprehensive winning e-mini day trading course

Anyone who doubts it, needs to have his head examined.

Paul the Octopus versus Katherine the Human

Or the clash of the titans... Sort of.

E-mini trading for the people of Earth - At last!

Or a briefer introduction to KING... And while I am not entirely serious in it, I am not lying to you either. Not necessarily for those used to a typical salesman's pitch.

Apple (merciless bastards) versus Wally (one really sweet guy)

I give up... I just can't beat them. But we still beat all tampons out there. Including the biggest of them all, iPad. In the cool name category, that is. So grab your copy of KING now, before it's too late.

Putting things in perspective

Do you think KING is expensive? Well, if that's the case, I doubt you will still think so after reading my perspective on this.

More probably still to come ...