KING - Frequently asked questions

This page was last updated in July 2016 and pertains to the current version of KING - New Formula. The information about things that may not be addressed below (or may not be current) can be found in the order page. This FAQ is very extensive and so it is possible, though not very likely, that its most recent update contains some errors. If you believe this is the case or are not sure about anything you read below, please let us know.

There is plenty of information in the KING part of the site where you can learn more about this great emini trading methodology.

In particular, I show plenty of screenshots of trades taken in real time, which is one of the rarest things you will ever see on other vendors' sites. I also address many issues related to day trading eminis with KING or what it takes to be successful in this business.

This FAQ section contains relatively concise answers to what I already addressed in other sections of KING and what I believe is important enough to address it here again. This section also contains answers to questions that I often get via email from the prospective KING clients.

If there is an important section in the KING part of this site that you should be really familiar with, it is this one, so please read it carefully to be well aware of what you are buying. I prefer to deal with people who are well informed about what they are getting with KING as, needless to say, this saves my time and theirs as well.

I also prefer to deal with those who understand the importance of doing one's homework as such people are more professional, likely to be more motivated, and thus more likely to succeed and that's the most important thing for me.

You may find that what I write here sounds intellectually ruthless and unsentimental. Let me assure you that this is by no means accidental. I believe that's the best way to offer you my honest advice. If you want sugarcoating, I am afraid you are in a wrong place. However, my clients actually prefer my "straight-shooting" style, even crediting it with higher confidence for my methods than sugarcoating that typically permeates websites of this kind, so perhaps you will come to appreciate it too.

And vice versa, I believe that people like that, not afraid of honest discourse, not afraid of facing their limitations, are the best material for traders. That's the kind of people I love to have for my students. That does not exclude anyone because you too can be like that. After all, it's a matter of choice and not one of fate.

I find no pleasure in turning anyone down, but I also don't think that pushing KING on those who are unlikely to succeed is okay. I am not a salesman. I am merely a day trader and I know what it takes to be successful in this business.

Please keep in mind what I said above and make sure that you familiarize yourself well with this section.

1. What is KING?

KING is a powerful discretionary e-mini trading methodology. It is essentially a scalping methodology with an emphasis on quick scalping for 5-10 ticks in YM (2-4 ticks in ES), although it does contain some ideas that can help you score bigger profits of 20-40 YM ticks, under good market conditions of enhanced volatility. KING is also a very comprehensive and original e-mini futures day trading course intended for self-study. It is meant for those who want to learn day trading on a budget without spending thousands of dollars on it. It consists of dozens of files (mostly Word, PDF, and video files).

2. What exactly is a trading methodology?

The way it is understood in KING, it is a collection of trading methods that utilize the same set of indicators plus some ideas about the trade management and psychological aspects of trading.

3. Is KING similar to George IV?

Not at all. The very name of KING (KING Is Not George) suggests that this is something different. George IV is a purely mechanical trading system, while KING is a discretionary trading methodology.

4. What's the difference between mechanical trading and discretionary trading?

In mechanical trading you take trades as called by your mechanical system, in discretionary trading you choose the best trades from those suggested by your methodology. I could also put it this way: mechanical traders are like gatherers (they basically collect what the system gives them), while discretionary traders are definitely hunters (they go after the best, juiciest piece of meat, and pursue it aggressively). One more way to view the difference between the two is via the analogy of big government versus small government. The former comes with many strict rules and tends to be inefficient, while the latter involves relatively few rules that are flexible, which makes it more efficient than the former. Yet another way to delineate the difference between the two trading styles is this: in mechanical trading, your systems pretty much own you, in discretionary trading you own your methods. Finally, and most importantly, while purely mechanical trading can be suitable to virtually everyone and it usually takes little time and commitment to master it, it is discretionary trading that most traders make a living with because unless you can trade with a bigger size and diversify across different mechanical systems and different markets, you are unlikely to make a steady living trading in a purely mechanical way. Yet you can do this trading in a discretionary manner. You can make a steady decent living trading one market only with just 1-3 contracts, but to this end you need to master the art of discretionary trading. And by steady I don't mean over the period of some 6 months, but rather 6 years and beyond.

5. Why do you recommend George IV in addition to KING?

For two main reasons: George IV gives you a strong trend bias (long/short) that you want to stick to and the days it is active on are the days of good volatility which also helps a lot with scalping, the primary way to make money with KING. There is also another reason why I offer George IV in connection with KING, though: I think you may want to see if you like George IV before spending more on KING, so buying George IV first serves as an insurance of sorts against spending more on something you may not find much to your liking. If you don't like George IV, you will probably not be happy with KING, and I prefer to have happy clients. Many of those who have bought George IV (about one third of them) decided to buy KING too, despite the latter being much more expensive, so as you see, George IV is not really that bad at all. In fact, it is a very good product in its own right. I tracked its performance for about two years since its release, then stopped doing so being too busy with KING, but returned to tracking it in 2014. Its performance remains rather solid and resilient, so I feel comfortably recommending it independently, but it's best used in combination with KING. For this reason, it is now a part of KING.

6. Is it possible to use KING without George IV?

Yes, it is definitely possible, but it is certainly useful to have George IV as your guide. Also, KING uses some of the indicators George IV uses. Originally, I would sell KING only to those who bought George IV first, as I believe it makes a lot of sense to use George IV when trading KING, unless you want to or can trade only during the first 60-90 minutes of the daily session, which sometimes applies to those based on the west coast of the US. Since for those folks, George IV would not be as useful as for others, I decided to separate it from KING. However, if you are serious about trading and want to and can trade most of the day, then George IV is a very good aid, which can make difference in your trading. I eventually returned to combining George IV with KING and include George IV as a bonus to those who bought KING. It is quite a valuable bonus as it comes with a few other mechanical trading systems besides George IV that have some educational value.

7. What indicators are used by KING?

I cannot reveal this, but I can tell you that these are all very standard indicators, with perhaps one small exception, called PS. You will see what I mean by that when you order KING. There are several of them and they fall into two categories: oscillators and moving averages and bands. The core is made up by 3 indicators that serve as entry and also often exit signals. However, it is not what indicators KING uses, but how it uses them that makes all the difference. Also, KING relies on the price action and basic price patterns, so it is not just about some "magic indicators."

8. What are the usual targets for KING scalps?

5-10 ticks when trading YM, which means that you usually go after 5 ticks unless you think you can do better in given circumstances, which certainly is often possible with Pure Evil trades.

9. Does KING contain one strategy or more?

There is something called the basic strategy which is the backbone of quick scalping, but there is more than that. The KING's approach to beating the market is through highlighting market's most vulnerable spots, where you are likely to score quick profits as well as highlighting market's potential traps that you are better off to steer clear away from. KING gives you the edge in your trading by suggesting good entry spots via some price and indicator patterns and by telling you which patterns you should avoid as they can act as an impediment to your position.

10. How long does it take to master KING?

This varies. Some people have been able to master it within just several days, which I do find surprising, but it's true. Others are more likely to take a few weeks.

11. What does it take to succeed with KING?

The answer to this question is rather simple: the more committed and willing to succeed you are, the more likely you are to become successful with KING. Those mentally flexible, those who thrive on good challenge, who are not afraid to leave their comfort zone, who are very confident in their abilities are best suited to succeed with KING, in my opinion. Timid persons, inflexible individuals who tend to think in mechanical ways, and those afraid to take risks should rather find some other ways to make money. Curiosity seekers and Holy Grail seekers (or other imbeciles, for that matter) shouldn't even bother. Discretionary emini trading is not for everyone.

12. Do you offer mentoring for KING?

Yes, in past, it was offered from time to time, 3 times in total, for an extra fee of $300 or so for a week of mentoring in a small group of 5 or so, which is very little compared to what others charge. I may also offer mentoring for interested individuals and this will be done via the KING trading forum launched some time ago. The original price of admission (in 2015) was only $600 for an extensive mentoring over a few weeks time, but it will go up in future.

13. Is it possible to succeed with KING without mentoring?

I do believe so. The main thing mentoring does really well is to help you commit to learning KING, but those who do not find it hard to commit to learning new things should do well without mentoring too. Remember also that you will get access to all the materials that those participating in two previous mentoring session enjoyed, including access to the forum where the sessions in questions took place.

14. What do I get with KING?

The main document that comes with KING is the KING manual. The other basic document in the package is called "Illustrating the basic strategy." These are two main original documents that form the basis of KING and they are enough for a good start. But there is more. There are additional documents produced since the KING was released that highlight many aspects of KING making it is easier to understand its ideas. There are also about 20 documents produced during the two mentoring sessions of KING showing KING ideas in action on the days the sessions in question took place. They are called Highlights of the Day and are illustrated with many screenshots. Altogether, there are 4 main folders collecting KING documents. But there is still more. Yes, more documents will be coming to help you with your trading. By design, KING is a continuing education project, which means you can expect a new document or two every month. These documents are meant to keep you motivated and focused on learning KING and also to make the KING foundations even more solid. That's not something that you are likely to get from other vendors, and certainly not for less than $2,000. What this means is that KING will only be getting better and better and you will never have to pay more for it, even if its price is bound to increase over time.

15. What charting software works with KING?

Sierra Chart is the recommended software for KING simply because I have used it to develop KING and continue using it for my trading. It is also one of the most inexpensive charting packages on the market. But you can also use NinjaTrader which is free for charting and analysis and for which custom KING indicators have been developed that should help you master KING faster. They are free for NinjaTrader 7 and Sierra Chart, two most popular charting packages among KING traders, but cost an extra $50 for TradeStation and MultiCharts, which is not much at all. I highly recommend this option, particularly for its educational benefits. Other charting packages such as Ensign and Amibroker, to stick to the inexpensive ones, should be fine for KING too, although a bit more of programming may be involved, if you want to develop custom indicators like those for NinjaTrader.

16. Do you provide e-mail support for KING?

Yes, I do, and you can count on prompt responses from me, but there is no substitute to practice when it comes to mastering KING or any other trading methodology, especially of discretionary nature. Yes, you are welcome to ask questions via email. It is though a good idea to familiarize yourself with all the KING materials before asking questions as it's quite likely your question has already been answered in one of the KING documents. Perhaps even in greater detail than I can answer it by email. I do make sure to answer questions within 24 hours, although in practice, it's often faster than that.

17. Do you offer a trading chatroom?

Not at this point, but I am considering doing so in future. However, since I keep making KING better and better, I don't think many people will really need a trading room like that, if at all. I am quite convinced that it is possible to master KING ideas without my trading room advice and additional expense on your part, and enough of my clients have done so already to make me comfortable recommending KING without the trading room support.

18. Are there any videos included with KING?

Yes, there are over 20 of them and more may still be coming, but I think that the custom KING indicators that demonstrate KING ideas in action in real time may be even better than the videos. These indicators are only $75 and they have been very well received by the KING community of traders.

19. Do you offer refunds?

No, I don't. This is a deliberate policy meant to discourage curiosity seekers. In the past, to buy KING you would have to buy George IV first. That was meant to ensure that only those truly motivated participated in the two KING mentoring sessions. Right now, KING is offered to all, with no formal prerequisites, but I do make sure that those who lack strong motivation are discouraged from purchasing it, not to mention that those who want to get it for free stand no chance of that. If you cannot afford KING without impacting your lifestyle or are not willing to learn what it has to offer, then simply don't buy it. Incidentally, if you think that some of those who charge thousands of dollars for their emini products have a different policy in this matter, you are wrong. The only major difference is that I am much more straightforward about it. Isn't it simply better to be upfront about it?

20. What's the current price of KING?

The current correct price of KING is always listed on the order page and on the main page of KING. It is $1400 now (July 2016), but varies and tends to rise in small increments, so next year it may be to be closer to $2,000 than $1,500.

21. Can I trade ES or other eminis with KING?

Yes, some of my clients trade ES. Other emini futures can be traded with KING too, although beginners are advised to start with YM.

22. Can I trade Forex with KING?

I prefer trading futures and that's where I can offer you my best advice, especially when it comes to YM or ES, but there is nothing in KING that could prevent you from using it successfully for day trading Forex or stocks. In fact, one of my more accomplished students, Dwight, has been trading Forex with great success for some time.

23. Do I need to trade KING all day long and every day to make consistent profits?

Not at all. 2-4 hours is enough to make a good living with KING even with 1-2 contracts. Longer trading hours are not necessarily better. You don't have to trade every day, but there is no particular reason not to.

24. Can I trade at any time of the daily session?

Yes, you can, although the best times to trade tend to be in the first two and the last two hours of daily session because of higher volatility However, it's possible to make money around the noon (EST), too.

25. Can I trade KING during the first hour since the daily session open?

KING offers good trading opportunities all the time, also during the first hour of the trading session. However, this time, especially the first 30 minutes, tends to be quite volatile and unpredictable, so it may not be best suitable for beginners no matter what trading methods they use.

26. Can I trade before the daily session opens?

In principle, yes, but in practice since the volume tends to be much lower before 9:30 EST, this is not very advisable. But it all depends. Some days, you can do just fine trading during the earlier hours.

27. I use NinjaTrader charts to place my trades. Can I trade like that with KING?

The answer is that trading from charts is not recommended because in scalping you want a greater speed than trading from charts can afford you. But then again, I never tried it, so I may be wrong. It is just the safest answer I can give you. On the other hand, perhaps you should consider being more flexible: limiting yourself to trading from charts only is not a sign of flexibility. To be honest, inflexible people may find it harder to master KING.

28. Do I have to be fast with entries and exits?

Since KING focuses on scalping you definitely cannot be slow, but I don't think that KING is really about speed. You are more likely to miss good trades because of hesitation than because of being slow, unless you are really, really slow. You can reduce your hesitation by practicing and thus gaining more confidence, but you may never be able to eliminate it completely. However, since there are 15-20 if not more decent trading opportunities throughout the day, you still stand a good chance to make money. I think that KING is much more about selecting good trading opportunities than it is about speed.

29. What can you tell me about stop-losses and targets?

Both targets and stop-losses are flexible, as they should be in discretionary trading. The standard targets are 5-10 ticks, with the maximum stop-loss recommended at this point of 15-20 ticks. You can target 15-20 ticks in a strong market too, but the main focus is on smaller targets. This maximum stop assumes that you want to add to your position if the price moves against you when you believe you are on the right side of the market and decide to defend your position. If you choose not to add to your position, the stop-loss is hardly ever bigger than 10 pts, you can simply place it 1 tick beyond the recent pivot formed prior to the entry. But you can also choose a bigger stop-loss, if you think that the 5 minute time frame indicates that the market is going to move your waybecause the major trend as seen in the 5 minute chart is strongly in your favor. This is something that more aggressive traders can use. But those not so aggressive can do well too. Discretionary trading cannot be reduced to the target and stop-loss and some other trivial parameters such as the risk-reward ratio. This might be done in mechanical trading, but in discretionary trading your approach tends to be more sophisticated, although, a simpler approach could work too. It's just that you are going to see a bigger variation and greater individualism in the execution of discretionary strategies.

30. What are the computer requirements for KING?

Very standard: 1-2+ GB of RAM, 2-3 GHz of processor speed, 50-200+ GB on the HDD, Windows Vista or newer versions, but you can use Windows XP as well. Vista may require at least 2 GB of RAM. If you can comfortably run NinjaTrader or Sierra Charts on your computer, you can use KING.

31. Can I see more backtesting?

No, you cannot. No amount of backtesting is enough to prove anything, even in principle. I don't show any backtesting here either. What I show on this site is forward testing, it's the results obtained in real time trading. You get to see over 5 weeks of consistent profits produced by my first KING student, Katherine. You also get to see a few samples of 2 continuous weeks (and beyond) of my own results as well as many whole week periods showing consistent profits too. About 3 years of daily trading results in total spread over about 7 years are collected on this site and you can check them all out, plus over 1700 trades tweeted in near real-time in my Twitter media gallery. If this and the success stories of my KING students is not enough for you, I am afraid nothing ever will. My goal has never been to convince anyone that I have a Holy Grail, but only that it is definitely possible to make money with my ideas. Moreover, since KING ideas are discretionary, you cannot backtest them in an objective way, so the only way to prove anything is by putting them to test in real time trading and that's what I have done. And that contrasts quite sharply with what the KING competition does, namely they often quote "backtesting" results of their strategies that also require discretion as if everyone could obtain these results in actual trading. The only way to show that such strategies work is to put them to test in real time trading. Hindsight is a great way to produce stellar "backtesting" results, but ultimately more often than not it is plain cheating.

32. Is there any reason I don't see many trades with 5 or more contracts in your screenshots, but mostly with 1-2 only?

The reason is quite simple. I try to show how you can make $200-300 basically with 1-2 contracts, sometimes more. Originally my starting position was just one contract, be it YM or ES. Yes, there are screenshots showing $1000 or more per day (both Katherine's and my own results), but my main goal is to show how you can make $200-300 a day with 1-2 contracts, as that's what beginners should focus on. This is what "I can do it too!" section is primarily about. Also I may add to my original position, usually not more than 1-2 contracts, so I don' want to start with a large position or else it may become hard to manage.

33. Is it possible to trade KING with 1 contract only?

Yes, it is possible. PP, whose trading exploits are prominently featured in Testimonials, is one of the KING traders who started trading like that. However, trading 2-3 contracts per position, if only from time to time, is more advisable for this gives you more options to handle your trade and to build your position in an optimal way. Still, it's possible to do well even starting with 1 contract. In late September 2009, I invited a friend of mine to showcase his KING trading skills with 1 contract only. Check out "I can do it too!" to see how he has done.

34. Can you send me more trade screenshots?

I am sorry, but I cannot. I have already posted plenty of screenshots of any kind, literally hundreds of them, so what difference two or three more can really make? And I continueed posting them on this site (now in my Twitter feed), so if you wait long enough, you will see much more of them. Patience is still considered a virtue and practicing it is likely to make you a better trader too.

35. Where can I see chart and other screenshots?

Check out the section of "Pictures" and "Results" that takes you to a variety of screenshots spanning many months, years in fact. I don't think showing chart screenshots can always be particularly enlightening, so I show them mainly where I think it is. I believe it's more important to focus on the results you can produce with KING and that's why I show more shots showing the results than showing charts. It is also easier for me to do it.

36. Do indicators give clear signals?

In discretionary trading, it is the trader that decides how clear the signals are and not the indicators. All I can say is that it is possible to choose your clarity level well and that's the answer I gave Dick (currently Dirk), one of the KING famous overachievers, a native of the Netherlands. If you want to know how it worked out for him, please check out the testimonials page.

37. Can I ask you additional questions?

Yes, of course, but please at least read through this FAQ. You may also check out other sections of KING to see if your concern was addressed in there. But if you think you did your best and still did not find what you are interested in, then by all means feel free to send me an email. I want you to be perfectly clear about everything before you order KING.

38. Are there any guarantees of success?

Absolutely none. Success is a very individual thing and cannot be guaranteed in any competitive field, especially in one as tough as emini futures day trading. Also, beware of those who offer guarantees of performance ("1 point a day", "$500 a day"). People like that blatantly disregard federal regulations that forbid making promises or guarantees of this kind in the trading or investment fields (usually posted as standard disclaimers) and are no different than con artists. They also frequently offer "refunds" to entice you into buying their products. What are the odds of receiving a refund from a con artist? All I can tell you is that success is possible, but it would be unethical of me to guarantee it.

39. Can I talk to one of your students?

Yes, you can, in principle. If you really insist I may be willing to arrange that. I did that a few times in the past, but those seeking this type of assistance turned out to be curiosity seekers and I am now rather reluctant to do this. See the section of "References" for more about it to see if I am currently offering it. 

40. What are the basic prerequisites for KING?

If you know how to use Sierra Chart or NinjaTrader or a similar charting platform with the intraday data supplied real time, if you understand the mechanics of placing orders using NinjaTrader or Bracket Trader or a similar platform, and are willing to learn, you basically qualify. Self-confidence and commitment that I like to emphasize are a very big plus, and I prefer to deal with those who posses those qualities, but they can also be developed over time. All it takes is practice.

41. Is there anyone who should not consider buying KING?

Yes, as powerful as KING methodology is, some people are strongly advised not to buy it. This includes those who cannot afford the expense of $1400 or so without seriously affecting their lifestyle, those who are unwilling to spend some time mastering KING and the only way to do so is through practice, those who hate doing their homework as without it they are unlikely to learn KING, and all those who think that KING offers path to great wealth with no effort whatsoever on their part. While a fast success with KING, that to some may seem effortless, is certainly possible, if you are a curiosity seeker or a quitter, an inflexible person that tends to think in rigid mechanical ways, a cynic who does not believe that one can succeed in this business, or a paranoid who thinks that all vendors are after him thus constantly seeking to confirm that, please look elsewhere. Flexible, self-confident individuals who well understand how much depends on their own work and who are willing to do their best to succeed, are the best candidates for success with KING or for any other kind of success. What I offer you is a challenge to become a very competitive e-mini trader. That's the best and most honest way to put it and the best way to approach it. I do not offer you a way to quick riches, but if you meet this challenge, the riches are likely to follow. And I also show you, quite convincingly, I believe, that with KING this challenge can be met. The rest is absolutely up to you.

42. Is KING a software?

No, it is not. You need NinjaTrader or SierraChart or some other e-mini futures charting platform to take full advantage of KING. You also need some trading platform to place your trades if only in a simulated manner, such as Bracket Trader, although NinjaTrader and Sierra Chart will do fine too and can be used with many more brokers out there than Bracket Trader. KING is an e-mini futures trading course that uses easily available software packages made by others. Also, you should be very wary of the black box type of software solutions because you have zero control over what's inside them.

43. I don't know what your system does.

Well, if after reading this FAQ and the main page of KING, you still don't know what KING does, the best advice I can give you is to keep learning. Weeks or months down the road you should be able to answer this question on your own and then and only then you should seriously consider buying KING. And, once again, KING is not a system, meaning a mechanical system. There is nothing wrong with that, though. In fact, I believe that as a trading methodology, KING is much more powerful than many a mechanical trading system.

44. Can I speak with someone on the phone?

No, you cannot. This is a one-man business operation run by someone who is a day trader first and foremost and not a salesman. I use the Internet to day trade and I use the Internet solely to conduct my vendor business. There is nothing wrong with that and more than 100 people who have already become my clients agree with that. I don't do phone calls, but I also don't do webinars, don't slap together videos every week, don't run an affiliate program, don't have an account on MySpace, don't befriend people on Facebook, don't follow anyone on Twitter, don't bombard my former client list with e-mails every month let alone every week nor do I collect e-mail addresses of those who visit this site. None of these things. That's what marketers do. Moreover, I intend to sell only 200-300 copies of KING, so I have no plans to hire a staff to handle anything for me. That would also raise the costs of KING and I prefer to keep them low.

45. What's the difference between KING and similar products on the market?

I am really pleased you asked this question or else I would have to do this myself. And while I say this in jest, I am delighted to use this opportunity to tell you how KING, and my service in general, is different from the rest of products (services) of this kind out there, usually of dubious or no reputation, the "no reputation" label being the best some of those products (services) can muster.

1) Did you notice how much evidence I provide here to demonstrate that KING ideas work? It's not some anecdotal kind of evidence like results from the best day in a decade (and probably the only good day in a decade, too) that so many in this business show you, but screenshots showing many trades a day (the overwhelming majority of them winners) in some cases spread over consecutive weeks (5 in total in one case, the results of my first KING student) and over 3 years of my own results spread over ca 7 years. If other vendors can boast of similar results, how come they are so shy to showcase them?
2) Did you notice how often other vendors either try to sell you their magic indicators or their psychobabble rubbish? I don't belong to any of these camps. There is no such thing as magic indicators (and I offer none) and what determines your success in this tough business is mostly generic, meaning these are pretty much the same elements that determine your success in virtually any other field, and if you lack them, why should you really worry about the whole mental aspect of trading, that all the psychobabble experts tout as important, if your true problems are much more basic? My approach to trading is different. I call it "the rational approach." It requires no rubbish ideology, but is downright pragmatic instead. It combines what's important, in the right measures without falling into extremes.
3) Did you notice how often other vendors out there target suckers and dummies? Those hapless individuals seem to be their favorite clientele. I don't. Not only because the competition in this field is already so tough with everyone and their grandma trying to squeeze the last penny out of the last sucker available, but simply because I know that most of these people have no idea what they are up to and are better off to educate themselves first. I even provide many unique free educational resources on my site so that those who want to take advantage of my products can first understand the nature of this business and challenges it poses. Then and only then I would like them as my clients. And I am not afraid to advise some of the people who contact me against buying KING if I believe this is not for them. No, I am not as dumb as not to realize that this hurts the profits of my vendor business, but I don't think it's professional to push my products on those who don't seem to be well prepared to handle them.
4) And since I don't target suckers or dummies, which leaves me with about 5-10% of the total pool of prospects, I can also provide a much better support and I do take this part of my job seriously. My clients do know that I reply to their emails promptly, sometimes within only minutes or hours of receiving their message, and almost always (with the exception of major holidays, perhaps) within 24 hours if only to acknowledge that I received their message and a more thorough response will follow. If you think that this kind of support is typical of other vendors who have to handle scores of suckers and dummies every week if not every day, then you are plainly wrong. My support may lack when it comes to glitz and glamour of fancy videos, but since I live in Hollywood I know well that glitz and glamour is often a facade disguising the lack of substance.
5) Finally, did you notice how much different the price of KING is from the price of all those overhyped products of the same kind? Would you pay thousands of dollars for them, if you can get something probably much better for less? It's true that the price of KING is bound to keep rising, but I still intend to keep it very competitive, so I really doubt you will ever need to pay much over $1,500 for it and even $1,500 would still be a very good bargain. You may wonder how I can afford to charge so little compared to the competition. Being a trader first and foremost I can earn my living through trading and so I can keep the price of my products relatively low. Which also means that if you really want to learn day trading from a marketer, you have plenty of choice, but if you want to learn day trading from a trader, then, I suspect, I may be one of your very few good choices out there.

I wrote this FAQ to answer what seems to be the most important and common questions that potential KING buyers have. But I also wrote it to outline my trading and business philosophy. I did try to do this by appealing to your intelligence first and foremost as opposed to by manipulating your emotions. I believe that people who agree with this philosophy will not find it hard to master KING. They are ready. As far as others are concerned, I wish them good luck, but I don't want to sound like I can help everyone because no one really can, their bogus promises of "$500 a day" notwithstanding. I believe that "when a student is ready, a teacher appears..." It works for me. It works for others. It could as well work for you ...

Now you can head safely to the order page. Let me remind you that the price of KING is still rising. It's not a marketing gimmick; it's merely a fact.