KING - Full Disclosure

These trades come from August 4th, 2011. All of them. All 28 of them. I stopped at 28 as this is a perfect number and I like this symbolism. The second perfect number, to be precise. I could have taken a few more, but I doubt I could have reached 40 as my first KING student, Kathy, did in 2008 when volatility was comparable.

15 out of these 28 trades did not take even a full minute, which is not surprising for the KING methodology can in good volatility conditions deliver results like that if not better: here we have 10 out of 10! As you can also see, I have not used more than 4 contracts per position.

Let me ask you a simple question. Have you seen results like that anywhere else on the Web? It's a purely rhetorical question because I know the answer. And the answer is "no." A resounding "no," to be exact. And if you prove me wrong, I will give you a copy of KING for only $600 (50% off its regular price).

Now, I don't want to say that you would have achieved similar results on the very same day if you were familiar with KING. I cannot guarantee it and since KING is a discretionary methodology it's impossible to guarantee anything. It would be hard to guarantee much even for a purely mechanical system, let alone something that is not one.

Of course, that does not prevent other vendors from doing just that, like guaranteeing 1 point a day or things of this nature, but this is not only very much against all proper disclaimers you see on this site (and on theirs too), but it's plainly old-fashioned dishonest fishing for suckers.

The screenshots like the one above, and there are over 250 of those only in this section, are not meant to prove or guarantee anything. They are here to demonstrate that KING ideas are sound, even very sound. And that's pretty much all I can honestly offer you as a vendor: sound ideas, sound tools with evidence that they have this tremendous potential to deliver profits once you master them.

It's up to you to master them. And yes, that can be done too. There is quite a bit of evidence for that on this site, too. KING is not for people who confuse education with spoon-feeding or for wimps who can't handle several indicators at the same time. It's for those who believe in self-mastery and self-discovery. If you take KING ideas seriously, you may surprise yourself how much you will get out of them.

Practice is the only way to become good at anything, and especially if you want your results to be "too good to be true," as those misguided think about mine.