KING - George IV vs KING

Unlike KING, George IV is a purely mechanical system, which is totally independent of KING. I do recommend though to use it in conjunction with KING. It helps you find the right bias and you are likely to do better when this system's elements suggest that you focus on the long side of the market or vice versa. I too prefer trading KING when George IV is on my side in one way or another. Some of my KING clients feel the same way.

Moreover, if you do not like George IV, if you cannot comprehend it, or something along these lines, you are unlikely to like KING either and so buying George IV could be a good insurance against plunking down more money for what may not be your thing.

On the other hand, you don't have that much of a choice. If KING does not suit you, I am very afraid your chances of success at discretionary trading are limited, no matter what methodology you choose. I really don't need your money. I am doing fine and prefer to have happy clients, so I would rather advise you against KING if I think this may not be for you. That's why I suggest trying George IV first if you are not sure if you want to commit to day trading.

In fact, I was even demanding that everyone who wanted to participate in KING mentoring sessions get George IV first, just to ensure that I would not be dealing with some accidental tourists.

Once you have bought George IV (for only $275), you can upgrade to KING for an extra $625 if you pay within the first 7 days since the purchase of the former, so that your total for the combined package is only $900.

Or you can buy only the limited KING package (KING Only) for just $700 (or whatever it costs now) and get yourself George IV later on for an extra $275 or more depending on what its price may then be.

To cut this long story short, I do think that George IV is a good thing to have, if you are serious about your success with KING. Based on my observations, people who like George IV tend to do better with KING.