KING - Some explanation of my e-mini trades

I recently got an email from one of recent KING buyers. He had a problem understanding some of my trades. He pointed to the trades I took on October 15th, 2012.

Since he was not the first of my clients to have this problem, I thought that perhaps it's more widespread and so I decided to explain it here for everyone to get a better idea of what the screenshots I keep posting in these sections really show.

emini trading results #373

His problem was that the fourth trade in the screenshot above could not have been taken at the time recorded (Entry Time) because the entry price (under Entry Price) could not possibly be what it is shown by my trading platform. My trading platform is Bracket Trader, and there is really nothing wrong in what it shows. Allow me to explain as it did it to Andrei, the man mentioned.

"Here is what happens. Entry Time is the time I open my position, but Entry Price is not always the price at the entry time. It is only so if I do not add to my initial position, which is usually 2 contracts these days. I start with 2 contracts, but then may add some more, usually not more than 2, so I may end up with a 4 contract position as is the case here. Entry Price is the average price of my total position, so if I added to my initial position it is not going to be the same as the entry price at the time I opened my position. This what happens here, but this is also what happens in the other trade with 4 contracts total."

See, that's the whole mystery. His was a legitimate question, but had he known how Bracket Trader records certain things he would not probably have bothered to ask it. He uses NinjaTrader, though.

There is no conspiracy in my trades, and I don't think Andrei, a nice guy that he seems to be, was implying anything of this sort. But I do deal with paranoids and conspiracy theorists from time to time, as one might expect. In the past, I would even respond to them, but these days being too busy with many other things I am much less inclined to do so.

The last of them contacted me in the first quarter of 2012 and was concerned, among other things, about the fact that I was "hiding" the trades in the screenshots by showing only the last two of them. Yes, indeed, I was doing something like that consistently in early 2012, but eventually switched to showing all the trades so that he does not have to suffer unduly. The reason I was  showing only the last two trades was quite simple: bigger screenshots load slower and when you have lots of them the whole page becomes slower and it can get penalized for that in the search engines. That was actually only one reason, but the main one. Yet another was that you cannot really learn that much from my trades. They are meant mainly as an illustration of how sound KING ideas are and only rarely for learning purposes and whenever I intend them for the latter, I do emphasize it.

And so that's the whole big conspiracy. Nothing really to write home about, but pointless, in my opinion, to explain it to a conspiracy theorist. They know it better. There are people who can take my ideas and make them work, like this guy and many others, and then there are those who need to resort to wacky mental equilibristics to justify why they can never be as good as many of KING students.